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That's the idea! by Frazzle

That's the idea!


Up for something cute and toony for a change? :D
Commission for Maksi and SunnyHoney over on FA, two friends from Australia. Usually, Maksi is a bit of a bully in this constellation, which did cost Sunny the one or other nerve. But with Maksi having a bit of fun with his favorite shiny balloon, it appears the hour for revenge is upon him. Time for a certain bunny to be deliciously bad!

Sorry again for the long hiatus. Things are insane with what is currently going on. When 2D animation died, I made the side job as balloon decorator my main career. Has been hard enough to get there, but I ended up Creative Director and Head of Decorations in a balloon company in Berlin. Along came Corona, and with it the prohibition of events and larger festivities (that need large balloon decorations). The whole industry is in peril. Let's see where the journey is going now. At least 2D animation seems to be on its way back... THANK YOU for staying with me! Your support, feedback and kind words have helped me more than I can ever repay. Cheers!