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Badge for Fletcher, the balloon loving husky by Frazzle

Badge for Fletcher, the balloon loving husky


Badge-suitable poster motif for Fletcher Greymane over on FA. Made so it can also be used as a door sign on conventions. This was a fun one! :D

Trying to get back in gear, sorry for still being behind answering all your wonderful comments, favs and such. I want to answer them all, and thank for them all personally. Your support really helps me to pull through, especially in these times. But right now, everything is feeling like wading through chest-high jello. I still have half a dozend more motifs in my "To post at FA/DA" folder, but writing the descriptions is enough to have me shove it ahead of me for weeks and months. But I am still here, I love your feedback, and I will eventually post all of those pics. And if I can, I will come back answering all your comments, too. I do read them all, and they really help me pull through. Thank you!