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I'm a writer who's basically a grey muzzle. I've been in the fandom for so long, that I remember when furryMUCK was how most furries gathered online and communicated (yes, I'm that old). I enjoy entertaining people with stories, and even decided to jump into this whole audio story business! Way late of course, but I'm still trying it (youtube channel:

I enjoy writing and video editing. Most of what you'll see on here is audio stories and regular stories (old fashioned print kind, like the kind you might have to read off your cell phone, or even a computer!) Hopefully I'll entertain you, at least some.

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In The Name of Advertising and Practice

I've decided to give a story away! That's right, I am willing to write that story you've been thinking about I've I've decided to give a story away! That's right, I am willing to write that story you've been thinking about writing yourself but didn't have the time or maybe you didn't have the ability. So, if you're wanting a free story about your character, scene, setting, or fanfiction send me a note or respond here. I have stipulations of course:

1) Give me a signal boost, please. (I'm tired of being the fandom's largest wall flower and want get some attention!)

2) Please no yiff. (I still don't want to open that can of worms.)

3) Vague or exact, it don't matter. But the more vague you are the weirder you're letting me get - you've been warned.

The story will cap around 2,000 Words. I may go a little over, but not much. So, If you're wanting a 60K word epic of your character's life, death and rebirth and leader of the resistance against the onslaught of the evil twats from Epicsville, you're a bit out of luck. But I am willing to write a scene for it.

Thanks everyone.

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Short story
$ 5.00

Just contact me and make a fair offer, really. Tell me what you'd like to see and I'll write it. If you get vague in your description, you're giving me permission to get crazy. Fair warning.

Any story I write is fair game to appear on my youtube channel unless you tell me you opt out.

Youtube channel: Audio Dramatica:

Also: I'm always happy to write for art.

P. S: I won't do yiff, however so please do not bother asking.



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