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Hey there!

I'm LucidDP (short for LucidDreamPop, an old username of mine). I commonly go by Lu or Lucid, but will respond to all variants of the nickname that people have made up, including Luci/Lucy, Lulu, Luke, Luski, and Lubird. I also respond to Victor. Honestly, though, feel free to give me a nickname if you want. If I like it, it sticks.

I'm new here on Weasyl. Already seeing some friendly and familiar faces around here so I think I can trust this site. :> I don't bite and am really nice, so if you want to message me, have at it!

I do take commissions, but I am very busy with class and work and so I can only draw when time permits. Which means, I draw kind of slow. As a result, my commissions are currently closed until I can get all of my current commissions cleared out. If you are interested, keep an eye out for announcements on open slots.



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Q&A - Get to know me?

I know a few of you that follow me are friends, but there are also new faces here that I haven't met!

So as a first journal, I figured I'd have a Q&A session. Ask me anything and I'll answer the best I can! Pretty much every question is a good one, so have at it if you'd like. :> I'm friendly and don't mind a good discussion.

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    its been 3000 years and I thought I followed u what the heck

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      Ah hey heeeey! I THOUGHT I FOLLOWED YOU TOO BUT APPARENTLY NOT?? So it's all good! How are things with you what's up? ovo

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        Oh, you know still drawin. I'm working on a webcomic that I'll hopefully put up around Spring c:
        how about you?

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          I momentarily forgot weasyl existed whoops. o: But oh man that's neat! I've been meaning to update my webcomics to read and find some new stuff so I'll have to keep an eye out for that! But lol things are pretty standard for me n stuff. work and all that, also planning on starting up an rp forum for some of my adoptables/their owners. It's a slow going project but I want to get it together for a nice lil community.

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    Yay! Thank you very much for the follow!

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      quite welcome!

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    Thanksies for the follow mate!

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    Thank you very much for the follow!