Start off your Pokemon journey by FamiliarAlien

Start off your Pokemon journey


28 December 2016 at 01:17:54 MST

When I was at my mom’s place for Christmas eve/day I tried to draw all the Kanto starters from memory (digital colours were also added without referencing). Drew them in my own natural art style because I was curious how well it would work out .

All you favs are here:
Blue Koopa Troopa, Agumon (flaming buttocks variant) & Potato!

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    Close enough to count in my books!
    now where are my glasses..

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      I never did look them up yet I've been lazy. After finally doing it I was actually not that off. I mean ignoring my lumpy art style of course lol.

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    I realy love how Squirtle translated to your style. You were actually pretty accurate with these three.

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      :3 thanks, yeah I"m surprised squirtle turned out so well I was thinking that one would be the least good one of the bunch because I legit couldn't remember what they looked like at all lol. I'm glad I somehow had a better memory than I thought!

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        Yeah, the Kanto starters are easier to draw from memory than with references. At least for me; I prefer to use my memory, which explains how and why many of my designs look like they have arrived from bootleg games.

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          lol, my memory is... something special so I tend to have ref on me all the time when I draw stuff even my own characters!

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            That explains how and why I never draw my characters the same way twice, :D