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heyo, i draw sometimes.

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Etsy shop open!

Hey guys! I'm settling into my etsy shop, but I never made a post about it here for some reason??
I'm selling stickers and pins so far, but soon i'll be selling handmade plush as well!!

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con badges

fullbody (feral only)
$ 35.00
full color, hips-up (includes lettering, background, and contact info)
$ 25.00
$ 15.00

Digital drawings

full color, bust up
$ 25.00
full color, bust up additional character
$ 10.00
Full color, full body
$ 40.00
full color, full body additional character
$ 15.00
sketch/black and white bust up
$ 19.00
sketch/black and white full body
$ 29.00
add  backgrounds(simple landscapes, rooms, etc
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00
add  fullbody additional character (color)
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00

full color, bust up or full body additional character

bust up digital painting
$ 60.00
full-body digital painting
from $ 100.00
to $ 120.00

icon commissions

headshot icon commissions
$ 15.00
add  add blinking animation
$ 5.00

Commission info!
hey there, i offer several different kinds of commissions, here's a lil summary of each;

Digital drawings- want a drawing of your ocs chillin by the beach? maybe a sketch of your fursona and some friend? I can draw whatever you like! i can aslo add backgrounds and extra characters for an additional cost.

digital paintings- want a portrait done? I can paint you up a painterly style portrait of OCs, fursonas, even yourself. NOTE- these take a LOT more time than regular commissions, and i may not take on a lot at once. the fullbody paintings would definitely take the longest amount of time, especially if the character is anthro. HOWEVER, bust up paintings can be done a bit quicker. here's some ideas of what one of these would look like!

convention badges- for cosplayers, fursuiters, and con-goers!

icon commissions- want a unique hand drawn icon all to yourself? I gotchya, hmu if you'd like a headshot-bust up icon of your oc, fursona, pet, you name it!

RULES: i won't do anything nsfw, i'm sorry! i will do gore and non sexualized nudity though, that's all fine! once you have your drawing, do as you please with it. you paid for it, buddy it's yours. (i mean.. just don't go claiming you drew it, i guess lmao). i won't do anything that has racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic themes/undertones either. if you want something like that, you're best off going somewhere else (and also away from me. far away.)
i do have a right to reject a commission if need be.

BUT if you pass through all of that, you're good! If you'd like me to draw you something, send an email to jackalnopeart at yahoo (dot) com, thanks!



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    Your work is cute as hell!

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    oh woah your art is gorgeous. i really love the color and line work! <3

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      OH WOW thank you so much!! that means a lot!! I really admire your art, you're so good at conveying expression and movement, it's so fun to look at.

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    I just wanted to thank you for thE badges you made me. I wore one at Anthrocon and made a new friend because of it, they recognized the art and they also were wearing one of your badges and we bonded over your art and style.

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      WHAT OH MY GOD??? That's so cool!! I'm literally sitting here like. silently screamin.' oh my goddd, im so glad you like how your badges turned out!! and i'm so glad you were able to make a friend because of it!

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    thanks for the fave

    keep healthgoth alive

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    Really appreciate the watch! <3 Thanks so much