A fox of the furry fandom since 1987. Residing mostly in Ohio, I have been in the states of California for 3 years, Texas 1 year, Illinois 1 year and various other places for fractions of a year. Currently I am CEO and Chairman of Furlaxation, A convention held in Columbus Ohio in the month of September (See my banner for this years dates).

I have been a fursuit builder for most my years in the furry fandom. Love to perform in fursuit as well as attend many outings. If you'd like to get to know me better feel free to send me a note!


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Opening of Fursuit Commissions

on 16 December 2013 at 12:43:05 MST

As some of you know I have been a fursuit maker now for the better part of 24 years.

Because Holidays were rough for me being in retail I closed commissions back in September. I am now Re-Opening commissions and will take on 2 or 3 full builds and spot section builds as work projection allows.

Costs will depend on complexity, materials, and time-frame.

Let it be known, I will not use old materials or second rate materials. I use only NEW materials such as new foam, new fur (Monteray Mills quality or better) and all stitching is warrantied for life. If a stitching busts from normal use or a glue spot comes undone (rare) I will repair it no charge, and if I'm at the same convention I will do them on site.

Some basic examples:

2 color generic fox (Full suit build) starts at $1500 and takes up to 3 months (AFTER materials arrive)

2 Color partial fox (head, hands, feet, and tail) start at $700 and takes about 3 months (After materials arrive)

2 color generic fox (Head Only) range between $500-$800 (depends on design complexity) takes about 30 days.

All job quotes may vary on price. Also I do not work to a set finish date so if your in a rush for something don't demand by specific dates. I work a full-time job, and work comes first. All my off work time I do devote to my commissions. Believe me I want you to have your commission as bad as you do. So I will work on it every chance life allows me to.

If you request a quote please include the following information:

  • Detailed artworks of what your fursona looks like - ALL ANGLES OF IT PLEASE. A profile sheet is best.
  • How tall you are
  • How heavy you are (Girls .. I won't tell anyone ;) )
  • Any features you want in it, IE glowing eyes, follow me effect, cooling fans, sound systems, etc... Glowing claws..
  • What type of activities you plan to do with it (Any and all please - Your details are not shared with anyone)
  • Special features in the fursuit (Such as hide-away-pockets for storing keys, phones, etc...)
  • Types of feet or effects in the suit (IE foot paw pads or a full around realistic looking foot)

Be as detailed in what you are wanting so I can get an idea of the amount of time I am looking at investing in the project so your not waiting forever.

Beyond this, I think we can ask questions between each other :)

Types of builds I can do:

  • Full foam with mesh frame (most popular)
  • FormFast (is a hard plastic) these are the most expensive heads and can get very costly
  • Balaclava heads (pull over cowl like with foam - These are best for moving jaws)
  • Resin cast finishing.

Species I specialize in:

  • Foxes
  • Felines
  • Rabbits
  • Wolves

Species I have not done many of but would like to make:

  • Raccoons
  • Custom Unique (Like telephone is)

Species I don't do well at:

  • Dragons
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