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That Dr.Pepper Fur / 29 / Female / Midwest area, USA

❤If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.-Kent M. Keith❤
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Trades: Sometimes
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Please note I am most active on FA & Twitter!

❤ 24/♀/5"2'' 1/2❤
❤Birthday: May 26; ♊ Gemini; Year of the Dog❤
❤ Fursuiter, Gamer, Artist, Collector, Dr. Pepper Fanatic! ❤
❤You may call me: FurretTails, Furret, or any variation of my Fursuit names!❤
❤My Fursuits: Yoshey, Mochi & Katana❤
❤ I am an INTROVERT! I read every comment I receive but it takes me a while to respond, sometimes I forget to respond, sorry! ❤

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I do NOT allow anyone to use, copy, redistribute,etc. the artwork or photos I have. You may ONLY repost the artwork/photos IF you give credit to me AND link back to the original submission OR my page(s). You are NOT allowed to use any of my characters or claim them as your own. You may NOT use any of my characters as role-play characters EVER. If you see someone doing so, please inform me because they do NOT have my permission. All artwork, characters and photos are Copyrighted © by me and the original artist/photographers of such. The original artist/photographers are the only people who can repost the photos/artwork created without my permission. I do NOT mind if you would like to draw SFW (general audience) artwork of my characters for me; but do NOT draw NSFW (18+) artwork of my characters. Thank you for reading!❤
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❤ If you enjoy my shout message I created and would like to use it, feel free to; you don't have to ask! I just ask that you please give me credit for it somewhere, (©furrettails) whether it be on your page or in the shout itself! Thank you so much for understanding! I created this shout with an abundance of sentiment attached to each letter. ❤ I am not able to take the time to customize a thank you for every single person so PLEASE do not be upset if you get the same thank you as someone else, this doesn't make it any less meaningful from my end, even if you may interpret it as such. ♥
Shout: ~ The smallest things can make a strangers day, you've made mine! You are special & greatly extraordinary; no, you are MORE then that! Thank you for who you are! Thank you so much for the watch sweetie!♥ ©furrettails~
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Thanks for stopping by! ♥

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    Looking forward to seeing you at AC!

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    Your "why do I fursuit?" thing in your banner is really inspiring. Really makes me want to get a suit of my own. Thanks for spreading your cheer! C:

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    Thanks for the kind words!

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    Thank you for stopping by my page and showing love. You are my first add on this site from someone other than someone I already know or who I am following from the FA migration.

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    You're most welcome bud! I don't think I'm that nice, but I try my best!