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That Dr.Pepper Fur / 27 / Female / Midwest area, USA

❤If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.-Kent M. Keith❤
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Anthrocon 2015

See you guys there! Meme is on FA:

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incoming. I am not sure how far I will get today, I'm hoping to finish uploading all of Mika's and Ein's fursuit photos and possibly upload some of Yoshey's gallery here as well. For the next few days expect to get a TON of submission notifications. ^^;;; sorry! Once I catch up everything submissio…

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I know... I know Slap me with a pound of bacon...

For moving accounts yet again XP ugh. I just so use to FA and having separate accounts, BUT I really want people to start knowing me again by my main username, not JUST by my fursuit names. So again.... everything is getting moved to THIS account. I promise PROMISE I will not move accounts again. I…

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Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others...

Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others; we all have to admit that we take people for granted. We get so used to having all those reliable people around to pick up the pieces, that we forget to notice how much they actually help us, how much attention they pay to our need…