Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others... by FurretTails

Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others;

we all have to admit that we take people for granted. We get so used to having all those reliable people around to pick up the pieces, that we forget to notice how much they actually help us, how much attention they pay to our needs and how much they care about us. Relationships seem to sit very comfortably, yet it's a shame how we only seem to notice how comfortable they really are, when we've lost them. If there is one thing that you should aim to do in your life, it's to not take people for granted because one day when everything is falling apart, those people who were always there before, might not stick around to be there again...

If you have someone who understands you, who is patient with you, who loves you genuinely, who cares about you, who respects you, who is proud of you, who doesn't take a day without calling or texting you; or at least checks up on you every now and then, who never fails to fix time for you, who fears to lose you. Please love that person. Don't take his or her care & love for granted because such people are very rare to find these days. Don't let such a person slip out of your hands over minor disagreements. If you are the one in wrong admit and ask for FORGIVENESS. Handle that person with delicacy. Be there for him or her. Do whatever it takes for both of you to last forever. Be open to that person. Don't be so nagging to such a person. Don't treat that person with disrespect. Let them know you care about them, that you love them. Don't let them feel under appreciated and neglected. Be there for them. Be trustworthy, faithful and appreciative. Don't take people for granted. Because no matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually, and sometimes they leave. You'll be stuck standing there wondering what happened and why. Take the time to reflect on your life and let those who need to know how you feel and how much you appreciate and love them. Don't live your life having those regrets, wishing you had let that someone know how you feel, wish you had said something before it was too late.

IMO you should share this, so others may see this and realize these things themselves. It is the holidays after all, something that is suppose to bring people closer together.

Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others...


14 December 2013 at 00:57:10 MST

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