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Trying It Out

Im relatively new to Weasyl and using the journal feature here. I used to be someone who could actively post in art site journals, but for the most life updates are far more general than art-specific.

Really, I havent really been participating in the art community for some time as I have been getting through some really dark times. I prefer to focus on the positive and so its very hard to find myself blogging in detail (No, Twitter does not count). However, I can say that my latest update to my personal blog has been some of the most positive (and productive) writing that I have done in a long while.

For those of you who have never met me and dont know me that well, Im going to spare you having to scroll paste a somewhat-long copy/paste of that entire entry. Rather, for those that are curious about the person behind the mask paintings and creativity, here is an important update:

Creatively, I do hope to participate more in the furry community, and not be so scattered between working the many gigs required to keep the money coming in. Oh, for the days of free time where my mind was free to explore more leisurely forms of creativity....

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Yarn Tails

Long Length Tail (36 inches from tip to tailbone)
$ 85.00
Short Length Tail (26 inches from tip to tailbone)
$ 65.00

Examples of my work:

This commission slot is for a custom yarn tail with your choice of 2 hues (one for the base, one for the tip and/or markings). Each hue you select will use 2-3 shades of that hue (in yarn) to achieve a tail with proper shading or highlights. My yarn tails feature:

  • Strong base/core, with the sway you need to prance down that convention hallway. * Attaches easily to your beltloops.
  • Tail is compact and "squishable" into any ziplock bag or suitcase. While tail may flatten during travel, a simple twirl-shake movement will set it right again.
  • Optional braided belt for non-casual and downplayed attachment.

Need 3 or more hues for your character's color? No problem. Please contact me with a visual reference (character sheet, image of your existing costume, etc...) and I will be happy to work with you.

Allergen warning: I work in a tobacco-free household but my household does have 2 dogs a


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    If all the Net were a stage I'd have long been booed off it.

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    Purrs in your general direction!

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    Hi! There. Glad to see you here, and thank you very much for following. :-)

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      Yes. I am trying to do my best in catching people I knew from FA should they move over here. Im sure my FA submission stream must be 10K+ submissions by now. LOL

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    Thank you very much for the following and the abundance of faves! I am grateful for the appreciation.

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      No no no... thank you for putting such kick ass on this site. Im happy to see so many great artists adding color to this place. :)

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        Now you've gone and fed my ego! I'm very flattered and you are very welcome for the kick ass! I pledge to adhere to such standards!

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    Hey you! huggles