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About me

I am Elysium Bliss, a pussy given a life of its own, witch, adventurer, friend to few and enemy to most. During my travels I've come across the strange and bizarre! The beautiful and the dangerous! The horrifying and the wondrous! Many of which you will see cataloged within my gallery. I've been responsible for friend and foe falling victim to transformations that would make anyone quiver... With joy and with fear! I myself am an avid lover of transformations of all sorts! From the cute and cheerful to the dark and twisted. Tread with me and witness the evil, the humiliation, the degrading, the permanent, the despair, and the unholy!

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair color: Pink with black
Skin color: Blue

I Like: Nachos, sex, gold, the open sea, sex, brew, pirating, sex, whores, big dicks, transformations of all sorts, my ship, and cheese (D'uh!)

I don't like: Smarts, jerks, prudes, snobs, being poor, not having sex, people who judge others based on kinks/fetishes, brussel sprouts. Blegh! I won't eat em, I won't and you can't make me!

I'm also an artist who has specialized in comic book/cartoon illustrations. I've drawn several online erotic comix for sites, and although I’ve dabbled in drawing some Anime illustrations it does not represent what many would consider “True” Anime style. Hopefully you like what you see in the gallery and submit a commission.

What to Expect

Images will be 8.5 x 11 inches. Any colored works will be colored using the Photoshop program. Again I stress that you browse my gallery for a better idea of what to expect from me. What you see is what you get! Submission agreement is solely at my discretion. I may ask for some reference pictures if it’s a character I may not be familiar with, or a completely original character so please be aware. In any case you'll get a high quality image file delivered to you by e-mail. If you prefer the original hardcopy delivered to you then add the shipping fee to your price. I choose not to draw LOLI so please be aware.Pretty much everything else is fine with me. SCAT, FUTANARI, GORE, BEASTIALITY, VORE etc, etc.

Contact Me

To request a submission contact me via my e-mail address: elysiumeternal[at] If you have a particular image in mind please be specific, this step will help both of us in the end. I will then send further instructions on payment and pricing. Payment will be required before work begins on the commission. Realize that I also have a full time job and a life. This is a hobby at the moment, so please expect some time for the illustration process. The more complex and the higher level of illustration (sketch, full pencil, ink, colored) the more time it will take to achieve completion.

Method of Payment

I accept paypal and paypal only. Upon agreement of your submission please send payments to


*Character full pencil illustration Simple or no background: $25

*Character inked illustration Simple or no background: $50

*Character fully colored illustration Simple or no background: $75

*Comic book page: $100

*Add an extra $10 for each additional character or if it's a more complicated background.

*Add $6 if you want the original delivered to you via postal.



Latest Journal

Taking commissions!

YAY! As of now I've wrapped up my latest project and have some free time to begin work on commissions! I've also reduced the price of commissions so take advantage while time and space is available. I'm happy to have some time to come back and visit and play and get some unique commissions going (I have room for 5 commission slots at this time) but I promise you it's only for a limited time so please share this and or take advantage yourself by NOTING me.

On top of that commissions featuring my OC's as additional characters will get the additional character fee waived!

AND on top of that any commission featuring my OC's as the victim in any naughty scenario, including and especially transformations of a perverse and twisted kind will get an additional $5 bucks (U.S.) off the price!

I'm also about ready to give up on these characters ever being purchased so I'm giving them one last push before I retire them into my personal library of characters. If your interested please see they get a good home.

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*Add Character

Extra Character Fee
$ 10.00

*Character Colored Illustration

Single Character Full Colored Illustration
$ 75.00

*Character Inked Illustration

Single Character Full Inked Illustration
$ 50.00

*Character Pencil Illustration

SIngle Character Full Pencil Illustration
$ 25.00



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    hey butt <3

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      Me? Butt? Mwuah ha ha ha! Yeah I am! Hey back!

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        so what's up, butt butt?

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    Love your character designs and art style. ^_^

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      Thank you so much. I'm a stickler for variety and uniqueness. I know nothing is ever 100% original but it's fun to give each character such a distinct personality.

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    Hi again - thank you for the fav and kind comments!