Trying It Out by Catwoman69y2k

Im relatively new to Weasyl and using the journal feature here. I used to be someone who could actively post in art site journals, but for the most life updates are far more general than art-specific.

Really, I havent really been participating in the art community for some time as I have been getting through some really dark times. I prefer to focus on the positive and so its very hard to find myself blogging in detail (No, Twitter does not count). However, I can say that my latest update to my personal blog has been some of the most positive (and productive) writing that I have done in a long while.

For those of you who have never met me and dont know me that well, Im going to spare you having to scroll paste a somewhat-long copy/paste of that entire entry. Rather, for those that are curious about the person behind the mask paintings and creativity, here is an important update:

Creatively, I do hope to participate more in the furry community, and not be so scattered between working the many gigs required to keep the money coming in. Oh, for the days of free time where my mind was free to explore more leisurely forms of creativity....

Trying It Out


28 May 2015 at 15:34:02 MDT

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