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The name's Solange. Call me Quira, however. c:
INFP - 20 - Female - Straight - Single. Very picky.

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I'm just some gal living in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, and decided that I wanted to become a serious artist starting in 2008. I use Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS and a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet for digital painting, which is the predominant form of art you'll see in my gallery. I'm also completely self-taught, having to derpily teach myself how to draw on a plastic board.

I no longer use any Instant Messenger programs. If you need to contact me for commissions, please contact me via notes or email. Also, I do read every comment and I love to receive them even if I don't always reply. Thanks everyone for your support!


Kill la Kill, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yu-Gi-Oh (old school), Pokémon, Ryuusei no Rockman, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

Latest Journal

*pushes that ol' sad journal away*


Hey all!

I know it's been one hella long time since I last posted, but wanted to thank everyone for the kind words, advice and support in my time of need these rough days. <3

Things have started to look up better since then, even if there's lots of things and bad habits I gotta fix, things are going well now. I'm starting college soon too, so I gotta focus on that and less on the petty negative things.

Still going slow as heck art-wise, but also trying to catch up. So guess, can expect some sketches here and there. xD; Anyway, thanks all again for the support and stuff <3 Love you all

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Full body character painting

Flat or Transparent Background
$ 150.00
With Background
$ 250.00


Couple icons
$ 45.00
$ 30.00


Complex Portrait (Winged/Clothed Characters with Background)
$ 90.00
Simple Portrait (Flat background)
$ 60.00


$ 15.00
$ 25.00

For more information about commissions, please check here!

Thank you!



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    Hiyo c:

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    Lovely art!

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    Do you have a DeviantArt, by chance?

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      Yes and no. The account has older art (up to 2012) and is dead since two years ago, I no longer post on it. You may go just to check out super old art, it goes under the same username as here: Quirachen. Otherwise, I post everything on my FurAffinity: Quirachen. If FA is not an option, my Tumblr is the last place you can find me at: - Thank you!

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    Hey, how have you been? (Sorry if this seems random, just saying hi to the people i watch)

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      Been good, good. Some ups and downs but hey life is such! What about you dear? I thank you kindly for the visit. <3

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        I have been good. Been trying to balance my life between work, friends, and my hobbies. It feels hard for me to find some time to just sit down and draw without any distractions popping up.

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          I feel you there, specially the work and distractions bit. Good luck with all!