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I am probably best known for my costume work with Clockwork Creature LLC. This is my account for personal artwork - so expect to see a lot of illustrations and whatever work I am doing outside of the collaborative effort that is Clockwork Creature.

For Clockwork Creature items (aka the majority of the fursuits/costumes I work on), see this account:


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I had a lot of fun with last week’s sketch stream, and since this is apparently the tail-end of “Witchsona” Week, I figure it’s a perfect time to do it again!

Tune in to our chat and stream page ( at 6pm EST to check it out! The theme of the night will be witches, people’s characters as witches, etc.

Once again, here’s how it will work:

Sketches will be $20 for 30 minutes. (additional tips are welcome!)
I will also be offering speedpaints tonight! Speedpaints are $40 for one hour, $60 for 1.5 hours. I’m still a little new to these, so I’ll do my best with the time and consistency. (additional tips are welcome!)
Commissions will be taken one at a time based on active interest, by lottery. So when I am ready to start a new drawing, I will take the names of everyone who is interested, and draw a random name.
If you are interested in participating:

Please have your payment ready to send to
Be ready with your idea, and have a link to your concept art if you have a character you want me to draw.
I WILL NOT be doing design work - I don’t want to do a lot of back-and-forth idea exchange with a bunch of changes. Ideally, you give me a character or other simple prompt to draw , and I pick the rest - pose, composition, etc. I really want artistic liberty with these.

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    I know you have trades etc listed as closed but if you EVER feel like doing a collaboration, after seeing your sketches I would LOVE to do a collaboration with you!

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    oh my goodness your work brings so much inspiration

    so many absolutely stunning things

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    Fuck the recent events. Also, following this account because your art is exquisite.

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    Hi, I was browsing FA when I came across your final journal entry. That is so sad! And sick! Things can be so backwards. I am not sure where your friend is, but I really feel like she needs to get a restraining order, and a gun. She should be trained (There are many people willing to train her) on how to use the weapon. There's no good side to having this prick attack/hurt/rape her. (Living his sick fantasies out in stories) And the police are not always around. There is no "He can take the gun from her" if she knows exactly how to use it. I know, I have been trained, and I do carry a gun.

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    as someone who has recently had trouble on FA from a truly terrible user who will most likely not do anything significant to the fandom or for others, I really sympathise with your troubles there. You are a talented and seem like a kind person. :(

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      Ohhhhh, GOODNESS! I'm so glad she saw that, and I'm amazingly pleased that she appreciated it way more than I would have thought.

      Unfortunately I made the mistake of reading through all the comments, and that last series of comments makes me want to huff and puff and blow someone's house down. DX Oh god, so much unhappy where there was once a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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        I don't want to be a white knight, but I DID add my two cents to him. :p