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Hello friends, associates and passersby! I'm Kaeviel Eff (or Kae, or Katie, or Girkish, or any of the above), and I'd like to welcome you to my gallery - and one of the new homes of my Man-Eaters Anonymous project.

What is Man-Eaters Anonymous, you ask?

Wait, you didn't ask?

Well, too bad, I'm telling you anyway. Man-Eaters Anonymous is my writing project (partially) about a young man named Richard Vincent. Richard, you see, likes to eat people - particularly nasty, unpleasant people - and he thinks that it may be a problem. So when he looks into a support group for man-eaters named (you guessed it), Man-Eaters Anonymous, he gets more than he bargained for when he realizes that it's a support group for supernatural and extranatural people who are trying to not eat, harm, or otherwise abuse humans. The world opens up into a much larger, frightening and fascinating place as he gets involved with the world of the strange and paranormal - and our man Richard learns that he isn't so high on the food chain, among other things.

Of course, it isn't just about Richard. It's about many members of Man-Eaters Anonymous (or M.E.A. for short) and the strange, extranatural community in the town of Felton, MA. What this particular gallery will be for is art I've acquired - and will acquire in the future - of the figures from my M.E.A. project, as well as "short" stories relating to this project written by myself and/or my mate, Joseph JosephH (sometimes associated with aforementioned art), information and brainstorming tidbits about characters, races, the setting and more, as well as other odds and end related to my work. My dearest hope is that, someday down the road, I'll be presenting full length M.E.A. novels, and my efforts at buckling down and working on my goals with this is going to start here. And there will also be other folks and things from other projects (both personal and collaborations or contributions to other people's works) and fancies that will pop up, but you'll mostly catch the M.E.A./Felton stuff.

So, if you have questions, constructive criticism, or just want to say hi, wing them my way. Here's hoping you like the weird and the random - it's only going to build up from here on out! Oh, in addition, fair warning - I am an adult, and I like adult things. There will be sexual content. There will be violence (given the subject matter, you danged well better expect the occasional gore). There will be creepy things. There will be goofy as hell things because while I'm an adult who likes adult things, I am also a complete spaz and a goofball. You have been warned. If you don't like any of these things, that's just fine. You can express that dislike. All I ask that you do it maturely and respectfully, and I'll give you the same treatment. If any or all of those things are stuff that you like - sweet, you're in the right place. Have fun.

Latest Journal

An Introduction from Another Newcomer from FA

Welp, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the situation, but after all the recent issues with FA, I've decided to open an account here. I'm nowhere near through with my FA accounts at this time, but I figure it's a better idea to have my stuff in multiple places, and I've heard that Weasyl is somewhat more reliable (though I'm still a little leery of the layout).

Anyway, on to the introduction. I don't know that anyone will actually read this, but hey, it certainly can't hurt. First order of business - hi everybody! If somehow you breezed by the front page without reading anything and jumped into this journal for whatever reason you had for that, I'm Kaevieleff, or Katie, or Kae, or whatever you've like to call me. Mostly what I'm hoping to do with this sucker is share the various stuff and things related to my Man-Eaters Anonymous (or M.E.A. for short, though I also call it the Felton Irregulars) project, such as the stories I (or perhaps my mate, as he makes contributions to my work somewhat often), the art either of us commission, background information on the people and settings in this little universe, and various other odds and ends. I'll also be throwing up random folks from other projects as well in their own folders, but my primary focus will be the other project.

Things are about to get very busy, since I have a LOT of stuff to post up and share - things accumulated over the last two years, and then some... As to this journal, honestly, what this journal may be used the most for is to share what exactly I'm working on with the project right now, as well as just goals and to do lists. I'm fairly easy to distract, sidetrack, and I get kind of hesitant on approaching my usual folks that I discuss this project with, so maybe putting out a "This is What I'm Doing, I Will Not be Procrastinating" list may help... I don't know why in the world I might think that, but eh - maybe if I know that other people know about what I need to get done, I'll get it done so I won't get "you slacker" looks from folks.

At any rate, I hope that all you people that stumble across this gallery find something that you enjoy. Feel free to comment with questions, compliments, critiques, or even just random comments or greetings - just whatever they are, keep them courteous and respectful, and I'll do the same in return. Have fun - I know I'll be having a fine time trying to work all this crap out. :3

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    I read and downloaded your play manuscript of Man-Eaters Anonymous. I must say I like your style. And I found the scripts setting and overall story very inspiring. I am myself involved in a local drama association where I live. And I like to ask you. May I have your permission to use this manuscript for any future drama projects with the association?

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      Oh god - I haven't been on here in years. Shit. Uh... I'm not sure - if only because I'm actually (finally) starting to get some of my own work done and am planning on possible audios and further writings (comedic, macabre, srotic and more) for the setting.

      I'm so sorry that this is freaking years later - I haven't logged into Weasyl in years, obviously - largely due to personal issues related to mental health and life being insane. I'd kind of just remembered and thought "Oh, maybe I should do something here or just delete the account." I saw this, though - and wanted to respond, if ages toolate.

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    Welcome to the party. =D