An Introduction from Another Newcomer from FA by KaevielEff

Welp, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the situation, but after all the recent issues with FA, I've decided to open an account here. I'm nowhere near through with my FA accounts at this time, but I figure it's a better idea to have my stuff in multiple places, and I've heard that Weasyl is somewhat more reliable (though I'm still a little leery of the layout).

Anyway, on to the introduction. I don't know that anyone will actually read this, but hey, it certainly can't hurt. First order of business - hi everybody! If somehow you breezed by the front page without reading anything and jumped into this journal for whatever reason you had for that, I'm Kaevieleff, or Katie, or Kae, or whatever you've like to call me. Mostly what I'm hoping to do with this sucker is share the various stuff and things related to my Man-Eaters Anonymous (or M.E.A. for short, though I also call it the Felton Irregulars) project, such as the stories I (or perhaps my mate, as he makes contributions to my work somewhat often), the art either of us commission, background information on the people and settings in this little universe, and various other odds and ends. I'll also be throwing up random folks from other projects as well in their own folders, but my primary focus will be the other project.

Things are about to get very busy, since I have a LOT of stuff to post up and share - things accumulated over the last two years, and then some... As to this journal, honestly, what this journal may be used the most for is to share what exactly I'm working on with the project right now, as well as just goals and to do lists. I'm fairly easy to distract, sidetrack, and I get kind of hesitant on approaching my usual folks that I discuss this project with, so maybe putting out a "This is What I'm Doing, I Will Not be Procrastinating" list may help... I don't know why in the world I might think that, but eh - maybe if I know that other people know about what I need to get done, I'll get it done so I won't get "you slacker" looks from folks.

At any rate, I hope that all you people that stumble across this gallery find something that you enjoy. Feel free to comment with questions, compliments, critiques, or even just random comments or greetings - just whatever they are, keep them courteous and respectful, and I'll do the same in return. Have fun - I know I'll be having a fine time trying to work all this crap out. :3

An Introduction from Another Newcomer from FA


22 May 2016 at 17:54:59 MDT

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