Happy Holidays from the McDonald Family by KaevielEff

Happy Holidays from the McDonald Family


25 May 2016 at 21:48:12 MDT

Here we have one of the rare family photos that feature the whole McDonald family. Ronald, being a Deep One Hybrid, doesn't exactly like showing up in photographs, and their adopted daughters Lucy (on the left) and Ethel (in Ron's arms) are hard to pin down and get dressed up. However, when all Rebecca McDonald wants for Christmas is to get one picture with the people she loves most in the world... Well, Ron can't refuse his Becca something that simple - and the girls know better.

Needless to say, though, once the picture's taken, at least one of those kids are going to be stripping down to underthings and streaking off like a bat out of hell. Good luck to Ron and Rebecca on catching the little nudist then.

The last Christmas themed piece from KamiKitty, and I really think it's just precious. If you're seeing this and have been a frequenter of my gallery, you already know about Rebecca and Ron - now you get to see their little girls, Lucile (or Lucy) and Ethel. You'll find out more about these little cuties later, if I can get more art of them, but here's a few facts about their little family:

  • Lucy and Ethel are 10 and 5-going-on-6, respectively.
  • Lucy and Ethel were adopted by Ron and Rebecca at the same, when Lucile was about 5 and Ethel was only a few months old.
  • Lucy's full name is Lucile Celeste Sylvianne Durant McDonald, given at birth by her birth mother. Rebecca named their second daughter Ethel Vivian McDonald due to her love of "I Love Lucy" reruns so she would have her own Lucy and Ethel.
  • Both Lucy and Ethel's biological mothers, as well as Ethel's biological father, passed away. The status or any information about Lucy's father is, at this time, unknown to Lucy or the McDonalds.

You'll find out more about them later, as more art of these two cuties crop up... Speaking of - any artists out there who may look at this good/comfortable with drawing kids? Note me, please!

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