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Hello, omina here.

Heard about this place a while back, so I'm setting up an account to see what's up.

I'm trying to figure out the site right now but, I'll upload content soon~

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Emergency Commissions

on 14 December 2016 at 01:28:54 MST

My car got towed for... I dunno, reasons and I won't be able to pay for it until the end of the month... where it'll be more expensive and also unaffordable. So I basically won't be able to get my car back.

So here's the deal: Pinup quality commissions as $30 apiece, payment up front. No limit on how many you can get so long as you can pay. It'll take time, but I can get the work done no problem or refund later as needed.

I don't really expect much from this but thanks for the consideration anyway.

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    Welp, looks like I'm here now too.

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    Welp. Guess I'll try my luck here as well.

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    nice to see you here aswell omina :3

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    Oho~ Well hello.