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Commissions are currently ON HIATUS. Due to a large work volume, I am not currently accepting new commissions. This will eventually change once the backlog has been reduced; if you've already been in contact with me, your work is in the queue, no worries.

With the time and experience I've had, I think I can narrow commission rules down to the following:

  • Send me a Note on one of my galleries (FA, Weasyl, DA) to ask about a commission, and we can discuss particulars.

  • I charge based on TIME. If you want a quick five-dollar sketch, let me know, and I can do that. If you're a little less picky about price but want a piece comparable in quality to one of my existing pieces, let me know, and I'll try to guesstimate price. You are free to discuss the issue of price, ask questions, or negotiate boundaries, but I charge pretty much the same hourly rate for everything, so there's an upper limit to how much I can do for a given price. Most of my sketches on here average under ten dollars, though that's not a guarantee, with a few very detailed pages having gone over thirty; if you have an idea, I'm happy to discuss price estimates and boundaries.

  • Payment can be made by credit card through paypal or paypal transfer. I DO NOT charge until I have something to show for your commission. We'll discuss the particulars of payment when I have your piece or picture sequence ready.

  • I absolutely WILL NOT EVER draw pedophilia/cub porn, pictures of a personal character without that person's permission, or most depictions of real-life people (with the possible exception of abstracted depictions of the person requesting the commission, as I know some people use that as a basis for design). I WILL ALMOST NEVER draw ANYTHING related to scat or extreme violence. Beyond that, feel free to ask, worst that happens is I say no. I can and will draw a broad range of other subjects, from clean art, landscapes, and sprites to inflation, macro, foot fetish art, fat, growth, hyper, transformation, vore, and more. I draw quite a lot of sequences and comics, but am also happy to draw single-page or sketch batch commissions.

  • I might not get to your commission right away, and I might not get to your commission in the order it was received. With several large projects going at once, I often pad my drawtime at the ends with smaller commissions, and I bounce between said projects erratically. This may change in the future, but is likely to be the state at least for a couple of months to come.

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With Regards to Commissioners on FA

Currently having difficulties getting my password reset; in the event that this takes a while, please contact me on here for more information on your commission.

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    Was just browsing your portfolios here and was wondering; have you ever done a cougar/milf/gmilf folio or am I just missing it? 'Cause I would totally buy that shiz.

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      Not as of yet, but it's a subject I'd be amenable to covering in the future.

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    Thanks for the fav :D

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    Found the old comic Commission I got from you from way back when. Still is just as good as it was when I got it! Thank you for going outside your box and doing it for me at the time! Meant a lot!