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Just a few sentence about me:
I’m just a shy, introvert person, who adores to draw furries and a lot of anthropomorph cretures in SFW and NSFW contect as well.

My likeness in short: I don’t really prefer the excessive amount of intense neon colors and most of fetishes. Mainly excessive fetishes. I'm okay with any creature and character until there is harmony in it in some level, doesn't contain unnecessary violence.

I’ve learnt to draw with atudidact method, so what you see, that's all I know so far about drawing. I discovered all stuff by myself, I didn’t study in any art school, and nobody teached me. Possibly that’s why I feel deficiency, but apart from this, I’m really proud how far I got because the drawing is my full time work now! I gladly draw for other people, so I used to take comissions.

I’m not too talkative, mainly because of my poor english, but I try to communicate more if I can. The language is my weak point, so please don't be suprised if I ask back something stupid. ^^;

Looking to the future, one of my plan is that drawing would remain my main occupation, no matter what happens in life.

Here's my Patreon page. ^^ I upload many of my personal works there first -especially comics - and you can get an inside view behind the scenes. Check out my Patreon if you'd like, and look around, and if you'd like to see more personal/original works from me, become my patron.

Or you can support me by buying a coffee for me ;)

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Save 20% if you buy ANYTHING on Redbubble!

Hey, guys! :) There's currently a birthday promo on Rebubble, and you can save 20% of anything you buy! So, if you like my art and want to buy some cool merchandise, come check out my designs. :)

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    I love your Tree of Life Comic!

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    It's awesome to know you post here too. ^w^

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    I adore your comics. They're so full of personality! :D

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    Just discovered you, and I love your stuff! I will follow you and see more!

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    I just found you and I'm already loving your artstyle! It's gonna be fantastic to follow your comic and other work :333

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      Thank you very much! ^^

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    Debo confesar que gracias a tu estilo de arte, ha revivido en mi esa chispa por dibujar, por crear, por imaginar, por soñar, ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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      Tlazohcamati Miyac Mah Cualli Ohtli