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  • Please feel free to add tags to my work if you think my work is lacking any! I try to tag my work thoroughly, and I want others to help make my work easier to find, or easier to blacklist.
  • If you're interested in getting commissions or asking me questions about purchasing art, please contact me via email. I don't access my notes on Weasyl very often.
  • I won't accept random friend's requests. I only use the list for friends I actually know.

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Ko-fi: A "Coffee" to Sponsor Art Time

on 27 September 2017 at 11:27:23 MDT

Yes, I got a Ko-fi, with a bit of a twist! Tips given will go towards sponsoring art time that I can use for myself, and I'll share the results in my Ko-fi gallery and in my various social media outlets like here, Tumblr, Twitter, and FurAffinity. For every collective $20 raised, I'll take one hour to work on my own stuff, be it fanart or original work, and share the results. I’ve debated how to try this for a while, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to have a way for people to contribute in small ways, in exchange for getting to see more work from me.

Why have I decided to try this? About two years ago, I attempted to use Patreon to help fund more of my own original art time, and while I had a wonderful handful of supporters willing to give money for that project, I decided to shut it down after a couple of months of struggling to keep up with individual rewards while also creating timely content. It ended up becoming less of a way for me to share my original art, and more of an alternate way to get commissions from me, which is what I was trying to avoid. This way, I figure every little bit accumulated helps to contribute to the same goal, and everyone can enjoy the results from every milestone. And there's no worry about having to contribute every week or month or post. If you wanted to drop a single tip and never do it again, that's perfectly acceptable. c:

If anything, setting up this account also works as a reminder to myself to draw more of my own work outside of commissions to share, tips or no. It’s too easy to forget to draw for my own benefit when I’m trying to crank out commissions as fast as possible to make rent and save up for other things in my life.

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$ 20.00
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$ 30.00

NOTE: Please remember that my payment does not go by base prices, but by HOUR! Quote totals will vary depending on the sort of commission you're wanting to get, or what your personal budget is like!

To keep things from getting cluttered here, follow the link below to my commission info website. If there’s something you need to know about getting some art from me, it is likely there!


If you have any serious questions concerning any of the policies listed there, or if your question is not addressed in any of the documents in the link above, feel free to contact me! Email is your best bet at getting a quick response, though you may message me here if you wish.

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      My break was a bit of a necessary one, considering how overwhelming my practicum ended up being. Nooot as relaxing or recharging as it would have liked. But, it feels great to be back! C:

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