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Feel free to call me me Mya, Myamya, Myan, whatever you feel is appropriate. XD

I'm enjoy being friendly and polite, although I'm really shy as well so talk to me if you'd like~ ♥

I'll have to point out that I'll be against random friend requests, as the meaning of 'friends' means a little more to me than something along the lines of acquaintances, involving little to no communication. q v q -Meaning, you'd have to talk to me more first instead of me just being thrown in a "friend's list"-

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Lol Tags

Lmao I've forgotten that somehow users can just edit/add to your tags whenever they wanted. Even if it's for tags that still fit, folks should really ask before doing stuff like that lol. It feels so intrusive.

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    Oh maaaan I want some of your awesome arts.

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      Aaahh thank youu Kaaff!! <333 >//u//<) After commissions are totally done, I'd love to draw stuff for you~ e u e)b

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    Your art is so flippin cute!

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      Oh goshh, thank youu Samaelll~!! <3333 It's a pleasure hearing that from you since I've enjoyed your cute art for such a long time > u <) <333

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      I'm unable to view this, since it's set for Friends to view it. I have a notice on my profile page saying I don't accept friend requests from those I'm unfamiliar with

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        No That's Trade I Draw Now :<

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          You're free to draw what you like, I suppose