Foxy Weight Gain Drive: 1st Update! by Myan

Foxy Weight Gain Drive: 1st Update!


26 April 2019 at 19:08:26 MDT

There was no delay in making sure Kai gets some food, but not noblewhitetail decided to step in to do what he does well to serve this glutton in denial. And he's definitely not finished by the looks of things.

This drive is still going and as mentioned before, I'm in the process of building up some moving funds well before half of the year is done. Of course any bit is appreciated~

♥ The run time has now been kicked which this will run until the top goal is met, but you're free to still donate for kindness's sake after that haha
♥ Rounds will run and end after every $200 goalpost is reached, then any extra carries over into the next round. With that, the highest donor is chosen in private to be involved in each updated pic. Should there be a tie between a couple of big donors, they'll both be chosen. You may have your oc or sona interact with or participate in feeding Kai. Nothing nfsw allowed, though.

How do I give ya dat munny, Mya?
A good question~ I'm providing two options for y'all.

Firstly, you can donate whatever you wish, whether it's a dollar or 10 to
For those who are more comfortable with small increments that ko-fi allows, I've got that too:

Starting weight: 140 lbs
Current weight: 410 lbs

Of course a big thanks for those who takes the time out the look at this and a bigger thanks for those who help out~ ♥

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