I greet thee all! I am Joat, as you may have guessed by the fact that my name is shown as Joat, and I am a person who does things, in this place!

More specifically, what I oft do nowadays is text-and-screenshot LPs, often about games involving fuzzies (partially because I like fuzzies and partially because, well, if I'm posting on Weasyl, it should probably have something to do with fuzzies), though I may do other stuffs on occasion, if I feel the urge to.

Any trades or commissions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. I mainly specialize in written work, though I can TRY visual art (all I can guarantee is an honest attempt, though). I do not do requests, the exception being that LP suggestions are welcome. Also, if you favorite or follow my work, I am, indeed, quite grateful, even if I do not tend to make shouts about it. I am also quite grateful for any feedback on my work, as long as it is not outright flaming or somesuch.

In any case, as ye may have guessed by now, I tend to be a silly. I am also a friendly, so do not worry, I shan't bite! Well, okay, I may, but I'm a gum phoenix, so it won't exactly hurt.

=====Current Projects=====
Let's Play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
The Adventures of Hot rod
Let's Play Final Fantasy VII
Bunny Link's Awakening

=====Projects Being Considered=====
Let's Play Chrono Cross
Let's Play Pokémon Zeta

=====Trade/Commission Slots=====
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Latest Journal

Extra Life Plans

on 3 November 2017 at 18:54:44 MDT

The Broad Details

  • The stream itself shall be at The mature warning is basically just so I and my audience can use dirty jokes as desired without having to worry, though I tend to use them sparingly.
  • The stream will start at 9:00AM central. It will end at 8AM (DST ends during the marathon).
  • The link to donate is here.

Game (literally) Plan

This is not carved in stone, but the games being strongly considered are:

  • RPG Maker, the original (for the US, at least) PS1 version.
  • Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. The simple gameplay will be really good for when I'm practically a zombie at hour 23. Also, there's a twist...
  • Rift. Again, it's fairly simple and easy for my sleep-deprived mind to keep up with.
  • Victor Vran. It's not a fuzzy game, but hey, I love this game. And hopefully if I restart my computer the night before, streaming Victor Vran will work properly this time around.
  • Guncaster. It's a mod for Doom and like games (not Chex Quest, sadly) which allows playing as an overpowered dragon character. It's not great for challenge, but I don't care. Dragon! Now if only I had a mod to let me play as a bird... and no, the elf named after a genus of birds does not count.
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    Hey, good luck in your game development projects!