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Hello Everyone! I'm Jason Werefox! I am in my early 20's and as you obviously have guessed it, I am a Werefox, Half-Werewolf and Half-Fox. How you wonder how I was born with both traits you ask? I don't mind telling you the long story. You see, my father is a werewolf and my mother is a fox. When they first met was on the day my mother was walking back home after visiting a long time relative who passed away long ago. She thought she can take a shortcut somewhere where it would take her into a forest and accidently got lost. It was dark and my mother's car was already in need of repair before her visit with one of her relatives. Then from out of nowhere, my father had encountered my mother. She was frightened terribly because my father turned into a werewolf moment before their encounter. It was a full moon at that time and my mother was quite frightened of seeing a werewolf for the first time. She ran away from my father frightenly, and my father pursued her. She was already exhausted from the long walk and she felt that she wasn't sure if she was going to survive. She spranned her ankle from during the middle of the chase and fell down hard to the ground. My father caught up to her and she was frightened to death. But my father, unlike most werewolves who are so ferocius and predatorial, is a very rare and good werewolf who is much different from other werewolves. He doesn't kill anyone and is friendly. In his form at day, he looks like a regular wolf. At night he is a werewolf. My father can transform into a werewolf at his own will anytime day or night. He didn't need the moonlight anymore to transform, he trained himself to transform anytime. But when exposed to moonlight, you might say my father gets a little....aroused. That I will mention later.

As I was saying, my father calmed my mother down and took care of her. Even in my father's werewolf form he can talk, unlike most werewolves who can growl and snort. My father took care of my mother during her time in the woods until they eventually fallen in love. My mother took my father in and they eventually married. It was love at first sight as you put it, and then I was born nearly three years after their marriage. When I was born I looked like a fox. I grew up upstate out in the open, but not far from the city. I never learned of my werewolf heritage when I was young and even my parents kept me inside of the house whenever there's a full moon. I found it very odd. My parents I love but they acted very strange whenever there's a full moon. I have alot of friends whom of which probably already figured out that I was part werewolf but decided to never ask knowing what most werewolves are and kept it secret from me. I never been outside before dark and even then I stayed in the house when there's a full moon. My dad probably sensed my curiosity and tried to scare me saying that if I go outside during the full moon that I would be eaten by a werewolf. I've seen a werewolf before at my window when I was little which I later realized it was my father after I figured everything out but that's a later story.

Anyway, it was during my teenage years after I just finished graduating from high school that I started to learn of my werewolf heritage. Just after I graduated, I felt this strong sense of curiosity as to why my parents don't let me out during the full moon. They hidden so many things from me, I've always had this urge and strong curiosity and feeling that the obvious was here and yet I decided to figure out for myself. So, I decided to go outside when the moon was full, when my parents were sleeping. I stood just outside of my house, enjoying the fresh air and all. When the sky became clear and the full moon was set, that's when I finally started to find out why my parents kept me in all this time. My body started to ache as most people/furries would experienced when werewolves transform. I was crying in pain so much, it woke up my parents and they later discovered I was outside. My body started to get bigger, more muscular and stronger. My teeth were growing, and my clothes torn off from my body until I was completely naked. My parents watched, my mother in shock while my father, though stunned finding me outside he was not surprised of the transformation. By the time all was done, my father had transformed quickly and tackled me down and held me down knowing that those who first transform into werewolves would be rather more primitive. I howled at the full moon and my father who could barely keep me down told me to calm down and come to my senses. Eventually, the primitive side of m calmed down and I came to my senses in confusion. When my dad sees this, he let me get back up on my own two feet. Then, I looked at myself and was startled at the transformation and my father looked at me while my mother was almost in tears. My father came up to me and told me the truth. That I am part werewolf.

I was in absolute complete and utter shock hearing the news. My father held me in his arms and my mother to. The truth really took its toll and everything was different from that day ever since. My parents apologized for hiding it, knowing that they didn't want me to be like most werewolves: ruthless and cold-hearted killers. My father, after talking to my mother for a long time, decided to teach me about everything of being a werewolf. I learned to survive, hunt, and yes even kill animals. I've also had picked up some new abilities as well. You see, werewolves can see in the dark pretty well because of their night vision. But for some reason, I was given a greater gift as well. You see, unlike most werewolves who can see through the noght, my night vision allows me to see any living things glow in the dark as a bright light, even in hiding places. I could see things even in the blackest pitch. I can't use night vision in the day knowing it would hurt my eyes in the sunlight, it burns. But I discovered a new ability. It's what I call, day vision. Day vision I could use both day and night, but night vision I can only use at night. Day vision is when everything around me goes black and living beings would emit a glow of colors. Its just like eagle vision in the games assassins creed 1 & 2. Anyone who glows red are my potential threats, anyone who glows yellow are my targets, anyone who glows blue are my friends/allies, and anyone who glows white, well, lets just say they might have what I want. After some training during my summertime long before I go to college, I learned to transform anytime I want by my own will. Though doing so would rip my clothes off so I only do it when I have to take off my clothes. Don't worry after I transform my fur covers my private parts if I let it. I've also developed combat skills and underwent training during my first college year with my father. We've spent alot of quality time doing so. Now transforming became not only very less painful but I also mastered it to feel no pain at all. For this I am proud and later I learned that their are alot of advantages of being a Werefox.

You can say being a Werefox isn't bad at all. However, upon reaching puberty already, there's one thing I had to control: My sexual desire/lust. Werewolves quite often mate alot during the full moon as some of you are aware. When I reached puberty, I went through the same thing everyone had gone through,so there's no reason to explain what we already know. I am bi-sexual and indeed have the attraction of both sexes. My parents already know when I told them and ironically they have no problem with it. Lucky me indeed. But whenever I transform whenever theirs either a full moon and/or my my own free will, my sexual lust/desire/need becomes further enhanced. My father was aware of this and showed me the ways of how werewolves mate. Yo might say of everything my father taught me, this was perhaps one of the most favorite things I learned and even beneficial to me as a Werefox.



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