Moon Love Attraction by JasonWerefox

Moon Love Attraction


30 August 2015 at 23:20:27 MDT

Artwork made by Kin-ciShepholf and gift art from my mate bucketz on FA.

After tracking him down after the little prank that was pulled off of him, I founded him just out in the open trying to shake away the embarrassment he felt when everyone saw him under live camera on the computer. I approached him quietly and give him a hug from behind. He was surprised to see me and at the same time he wasn't considering how we'll I was able to track him. After a few moments of reassurance and talking to him, his feelings of embarrassment subsided and he begins to feel comfortable to the point that his fur turns to pure black. I smiled at him when we stared into each other eyes and no better when the moon was completely full. Buck's shyness and his unique feelings catches my heart ever since the time we've met back in the woods many months ago. It felt as if there was something that intertwined between me and Buck and we were meant to meet by fate. No matter how much differences there is between us, Buck is the only one I'll truly love until the end of time.

Jason Werefox is myself.

Buck is bucketz on FA.

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