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What's up, lads?
I'm Indy and I am obsessed with my OCs, so this is a place where I will post my art and talk about them~
I would absolutely love to chat about your characters as well, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! ^^

Take caution, for I might be using some swearwords in my everyday speech :')

About me:

  • I use Medibang Paint Pro and a Wacom Cintiq 16
  • I've been drawing since 2013, and started drawing humans at around 2015
  • I am aroace <3 ( aromantic + asexual = I am not attracted to anyone in a romantic or sexual sense)
  • I am very much hyperfixiated on an oc called "Ten", he has a white streak and blue eyes, you'll be seeing a lot of him here lmao
  • Memes are life
  • When I was a kid I destroyed our toaster by leaving a plastic box on top of it and it then melted into the toaster. Needless to say, I didn't get my toast :(
  • I play DnD, so there's a chance I'll be posting about my dnd chars as well
  • I like almost any type of music, though I like best: Metal, Alternative, Musical/Soundtracks <33
  • I draw both digital and traditional! If you want to see my traditional work, visit my Instagram! (I'm barely active on it tho sorry)

!Please do not repost my artwork without permission!

Wash your hands and stay hydrated!
also go follow this person, she's rly good, go, do it --> ToastFox ToastFox


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    oof i'm 2 months late but welcome to weasyl ^w^

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      ahh thank you so much! xD
      I'm enjoying it so far~

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        no problemo! same here! :D

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    Thanks for the favs! :D

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      no problem~
      your ocs look really cute!

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    Thanks for following! I like your art style!

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      Thank you as well! ^^ I like yours too~

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    Nice Art! Following back! :3