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I'm artdecade, and I've been making and enjoying furry art for over 15 years.

Most of my artwork is on my personal site. If you like my art, please consider supporting its continued creation by subscribing to my site for a month or two (or more!) There's a huge gallery, guest work, comics, a WIP/sketch blog, and an archive or older work. Please note the site is for adults only.

For more information, please visit my site: (18+)

Thank you everyone for your continued support and kindness over the years <3



Latest Journal

Taking ONE commission

I've got time to take one commission if anyone's interested.
Please read the info below!


  • Full colour and full background
  • G-XXX
  • I shy away from gore, scat, piss, smells, etc
  • I demand a good amount of control. I will draw your idea of course! But, I am an artist, and if you let me do my job you're going to end up with something great.

Offer & Decision

  • Not first come first serve
  • Send me your idea by any means you prefer; notes, email, comment below, twitter, etc
  • I will take the offer that I think I can do best and that sounds the most fun to do
  • I'll make a decision by this Saturday
  • If you do not hear from me by Sat then I have passed on your offer for now. Sorry it's impersonal, but it's just quicker that way!
  • Please be prompt with responses. I don't need to hear back within the hour, but don't leave me hanging for a couple days. I have a lot of work and a schedule to maintain outside of this one commission, u feel me

Price & Payment

  • 250 USD (flat rate, not negotiable)
  • I don't have paypal. Square, Google Wallet, or Dwolla only.
  • Full payment up front within a day or two after an agreement is made

Ask below if you have questions! Irrelevant comments will be deleted.
Thanks for considering :)

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    thanks a lot for the fav amigo :3

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    OMG OMG I was so giddy to see that you followed me! You are by far my favorite furry artist and you're the main reason I got into furry art! I look up to you and your artwork so so much, thank you for the fave and follow!!

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    I know it was quite some time ago, but thank you for watching me.

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    Thanks for the fave and comment!

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    Hey, thanks for the fave!
    Your comics and art must have been among the first furry things I've ever seen online many years ago, so this feels really special to me ^.^

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      oh that's so cool to hear! thank you for the kind message and for sharing your stuff, it's great :)