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Hey all!

My name is foxfairy. I'm a fursuit maker and general artist located in the good ole Northeastern USA!


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Been Quiet for a while, lots of stuff going on!

Hey all,

A lot of stuff has been going on, which is why I haven't been active in the furry community lately. I've been taking mandarin lessons and everything is really great with that. I'm hoping to reach level 4 proficiency by the end of this year. My progress has been great. I'm in line to take a scholarship to go to Nanjing Normal University for a semester, which is SUPER DUPER exciting. Chinese language has helped me so much. As soon as I put that I was learning on my resume, I started getting interviews. So... that's great. But I've been really busy since then, which has kept me off of furry sites. There were weeks where I had interviews almost every day. Exciting!

Why am I looking for work like this? Simply put, I don't want fursuits to be my primary focus in life. I like to make them, but I'm not too keen on doing a lot of commissions any more. I want to make them for fun. I have a lot of other interests in my life, so I'd like to pursue those (and a more lucrative career...)

So my life is progressing. I've started to come up with a game plan for the next four or five years. I want to go to China and continue my studies there. Perhaps I'll study philosophy or art while abroad. Maybe even literature! Anyway, it's terribly exciting. I'm really putting my heart into this. After I get back, I'd like to work a bit and save up for a move to Maryland with my BF. Once there I'd look into graduate school at either U of M or John Hopkins or another university located in DC--there are a lot to choose from! Another option I could take would be to use my language skills to get a master's in teaching Mandarin as a second language (there's a free program with a stipend). I never would have considered myself the type of person to be a teacher... but now that I'm taking classes I've found that I really, truly enjoy helping my classmates to study. I never thought that teaching would be remotely fun--but it gives me this happy feeling inside that I can't really describe.

So, that's what's up. I'm working on replying to all emails and I'm starting my everything tutorial soon. I have the camera and the materials. I feel really gung ho about it!

In other news, I've really managed to work with my depression to better manage it. I've started taking yoga classes and meditating. It's amazing how clearing the mind can help the body. To that end, I'm working on my physical health. I want to eat a diet that's super healthy, filled with whole foods and low on empty calories (refined carbs, etc) with MUCH less caffeine. I am also trying to eat less sweets... it's so hard... I can go without refined carbs or supermarket breads easy as pie. But to lower my sweets intake... eek! At least I don't have to worry about weight or anything. In terms of weight and general fitness, I'm in perfect health. But diabetes runs in my family, so I had better change my habits now.

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Accessories: Ears and Tails

Full Fursuit

Full Fursuit
$ 900.00

Fursuit Feet

Indoor Fursuit Feet / Slippers
$ 70.00
Outdoor Fursuit Feet
$ 120.00

Fursuit Hands

$ 40.00
add  claws
$ 15.00
add  Extended length
$ 20.00
add  Fleece Pawpads
$ 15.00
add  Silicone Pawpads
$ 30.00

Fursuit Heads

Fursuit Head
$ 400.00

Partial Fursuit

Partial Fursuit With Feet
$ 600.00
Partial Fursuit Without Feet
$ 480.00



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    You have a lot of cute work! I can't wait to see more from you ^.^

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    Thank you kindly for following my gallery. Your support is much appreciated and I hope that you will enjoy my future works!~