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Fostorius - creature sculpt by LeccathuFurvicael

Fostorius - creature sculpt


28 April 2014 at 19:53:07 MDT

A fun, side-project of mine between work sessions and when I've needed a break from the computer. This creature really has no particular 'type' - it is just a random critter that I had a lot of fun creating. The torso and limbs are heavily influenced by canine and large felid anatomy, and it shows. I just love how Super Sculpey aids a glimpse of realism with its semi-translucency and color! I hope to make more in the future, for sure, and will be sold to whoever is interested.

This sculpture has already been sold.

Size: ~6 inches long, ~3 inches high
Medium: Super Sculpey clay,wire armature, expoxy to hold the joints together, plastic beads for eyes
Time: ~10 hours or more

Art by Stephanie Dziezyk 2014. Do not redistribute, copy, alter, etc., any portion of this image without personal permission from me, the artist.

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    Very lovely work! The detail in the muscle anatomy is so beautiful, and I love the shape of the head.

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      Aw - thank you very much! This guy was a lot of fun, for sure. <3

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    glad to see you are still working on this :D

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    looking wonderful, will it be colored by you as well or by it's new owner?

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      I may be painting it myself as per the owner's specifications. I sure hope my skills are up to snuff!

      Thank you for the comment!