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Disclaimer: I art sporadically. :) Thank you so much for the support here, it means a lot to me. I want to draw more but I don't have an easy life at the moment.

I'm a 30-y-o nonbinary transguy; I am mostly quiet and introverted so I don't "fanboy around" other artists, but if you make the first step I will do my best to respond. Please don't tag my works; in particular, don't tag my trans characters as "cuntboy" or "shemale". Contact me with suggestions if anything.

Current icon artwork by Greencat. Banner font by Kaalam.

Note: please do not repost my artworks on other websites; I am not interested in "extra-exposure" and popularity, I want to edit/move the artworks I own as I please.

Latest Journal

Still Alive

Capitalist job has been eating my time and spoons for the past 3 years, hence the lack of updates. Not dead though; would really like to return someday but I can't promise when.

Miss you folks. :C

(BTW I finally bought a screen tablet a few weeks ago, I have no idea WHEN I'll be able to practice with it for real but it's exciting. Went for Huion after all.)

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€ 25.00
With color, digital
€ 40.00
With color, traditional
€ 50.00


Black & Neon
€ 15.00


Currently not accepting this type of commissions.
€ 0.00


€ 7.00

(I ship from France, traditional works only; no digital printing.)

I reserve the right to decline a commission due to time constraint or subject matter. I will draw your anthropomorphic or animal characters but not trademarked ones. I am comfortable with nudity and erotic pictures; however I will not draw gore nor characters involved in non-consensual sex, underage characters, vore, and some other fetishes at my discretion.

You will provide me with a description of your character and/or a reference sheet. When I have started working on your commission, I will show you a preliminary sketch. If you are satisfied, I will indicate my Paypal address for you to send the payment in full (only € please, no $). Once I've received it I will finish the artwork - refining details, cleaning up, adding the inks, then colours if any.


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    Is everything ok there, dear? Worried about you...I hope you weren't anywhere near the attacks. ;_; hugs tight <3

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      Thank you for your concerns! My plans for the day were cancelled last minute so I actually was at home when things happened. Hugs you back!

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        I'm so glad you're ok! <333 I did hear that one fur died in the attack at Bataclan: ;_;

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          I didn't know them. I do have a friend though who hasn't been able to get in touch with a friend who was in the Bataclan; he's pretty shaken up. I hope nothing bad happened but I can't help feeling pessimistic...

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    Thank you for the follow!

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      You're welcome.

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    Oh, thank you ^^

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      You're welcome! I like your chara designs.