Flight Rising - PaperD art exchange by Farouche

Flight Rising - PaperD art exchange


12 January 2014 at 21:46:12 MST

Hadn't touched my watercolours in years + hand-shaking from medication = this.

Sorry, I'm still around. I've had a terrible December because of family issues, and couldn't work on new art because of this. I did manage to draw this before losing all my energy though. It was for someone in my Flight on Flight Rising. I'm thinking about doing dragon portraits commissions in exchange for gems, but I have no idea how to price them. I mean I have price in euros but I don't know if people would pay the gem equivalent for some art based on a pet game site..? Halp.

I'm back to working on actual commissions now, sorry for the radio silence. : ) Things look more promising than they did last month, I'm doing my best to improve my situation.

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    This is beautiful!!! :3 You did a very nice job.

    Plenty of people do commissions for gems and treasure on FR! I definitely think you could with your skill. I would say 3000-5000 gems for something like this would be good? How long do these take you? 2000-2500 gems an hour is a good judgement for a price. :D

    Pssst I love FR too. ;)

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      (OH HAI SYNCHRA!) Thank you for your input!

      I have no idea how long I work on these, usually depends on the character design and whether I'm in a good/bad day. :/ I would say a couple hours, can't be that much more? I'm a bit slow at drawing/colouring (this one was tricky because I had forgotten how to use my watercolours!). :C I can't charge people too much either as I'm not an efficient, professional artist... There are many artists just as talented or more who offer lower prices I'm sure.

      Here on Weasyl I do my black & white icon-portraits for 15€ - about 20$. I can't remember how much gems 20$ grants you on FR... 2000? 2500? (The site is down on maintenance right now so I can't check.) I was under the impression that the average gem commissions costed under 500 gems, but maybe I looked in the wrong places. Only saw very few art shops that offered art for gems, most asked for treasure, so, I don't really have a good idea of what's the norm.

      Anyway thank you so much for giving me your opinion! That's very helpful.

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        Yeah, I think $20 = 2500 gems. :D I hope they fix that security issue soon, I MISS MY DRAGONS. hahahah. From what I have seen of the people I watch who do FR commissions, they were charging equivalent prices of what they would be for their work in real money, which makes sense to me! Otherwise you're underselling.

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          That's reassuring! I was afraid of having to undersell my services. :C

          I MISS MY DRAGONS TOO. It's driving me nuts. I didn't realize that I was so dependant on a silly browser game to ease my tension and distract myself from daily worries. Why would anyone attack a virtual pet site anyway?

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            Omg I know what you mean. D;

            I have no clue, it's ridiculous!

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    What a lovely Skydancer. I didn't know you played FR!

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      I came in with the October registration window. :)
      Look for "Khadjin" from the Light Flight! Feel free to friend me over there.