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hermit hare

anxious online communicator - i will try to respond, but if i don't, please know that i still appreciate every one of your views, faves and comments!

i don't sell NFTs. if you see an NFT of my work, it's not legit; don't buy it, please tell me so i can report it


Fur Affinity

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cameo commissions for eumorphica

i'm doing cameo commissions for eumorphica, a new tabletop rpg currently being kickstarter-ed:

a commission from me (like this) of a character of your devising in the game's world, the art goes into the game book, and you get a digital copy of the game into the bargain

i've worked with sanguine before, they make good things, and this looks like a fun one - far-future transhumanist space exploration. i'll be looking to push my artistic boundaries and make the wild and wonderful creatures that this promises, so don't hold back (even... humans??? or post-humans anyway). slots are limited, so don't wait too long if you want one

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    Ooh I like your new icon

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      thanks! first one i've done where i feel like it parses properly at small size

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    your art looks so cozy!

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      Thankyou :)

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    Thank you for following :) I like your art!

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      Thanks :) Likewise, enjoying what you've put up so far!

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    Ah, thanks for the follow! Your work is fantastic! :O

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    I'm so glad I found you here! I love your work and missed seeing your art.