I draw and make music, both quite slowly.

I post the same art here and at FurAffinity. FA has the longer archive of my work, but I'm more engaged with Weasyl.

And my music is on Bandcamp. Guitars, drums, organs, synthesisers, everything! except singing.


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Charity EP

on 10 December 2016 at 09:40:08 MST

Not furry-art-related, but - I have a new EP out. Four tracks, ten minutes, $2+, with all profits going to GiveDirectly (

I think (tentatively) it's the best music I've ever done, so please give it a listen, and if you like it, send some money to people who need it.

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    your art looks so cozy!

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      Thankyou :)

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    Thank you for following :) I like your art!

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      Thanks :) Likewise, enjoying what you've put up so far!

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    Ah, thanks for the follow! Your work is fantastic! :O

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    I'm so glad I found you here! I love your work and missed seeing your art.

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    Thank you for the faves! =3