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Commissions open! [now closed - thank you!]

on 16 April 2021 at 14:29:38 MDT

Hello folks, I'm opening for commissions!

Style for this round: inked and flat-coloured, like this one.

Price guide per character: $25 for an icon, $50 for a full figure, props/background $depends-on-complexity - I'll quote you a definitive price for whatever you request.

4 slots for April, first come first served. Reserve one by dropping your email at [edit - N/A] (not here, please!) and we'll go from there.

Content restrictions for this round:
Yes: SFW content (including kinks that don't trigger a 'mature' rating)
No: NSFW content, violence (including guns), hatred (fascism, terrorism etc.)
18+ only please, and I reserve the right to decline commissions for other reasons.

Full ts and cs:

Thank you!

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    your art looks so cozy!

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      Thankyou :)

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    Thank you for following :) I like your art!

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      Thanks :) Likewise, enjoying what you've put up so far!

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    Ah, thanks for the follow! Your work is fantastic! :O

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    I'm so glad I found you here! I love your work and missed seeing your art.

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    Thank you for the faves! =3