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Commissions: Open
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cameo commissions for eumorphica

i'm doing cameo commissions for eumorphica, a new tabletop rpg currently being kickstarter-ed: a commission from me (like this) of a character of your devising in the game's world, the art goes into the game…

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Guts and Glory cameo commissions

I'm a featured artist for the upcoming Guts and Glory book from Strange Frontier, which I think will appeal to at least some of you: For a pledge under my reward tier, I draw a G&G character to your specifications, the resultin…

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Open for commissions! [now closed]

As of June 1st this round is closed! Apologies if you missed out - I will reopen again soon. ~ Hello folks, I hope you're enjoying your Mays. I'm opening for commissions. It's been a while! Since [looks it up] November 2017, my goodness. This round will be full-body portraits in flat colours, like…

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Charity EP

Not furry-art-related, but - I have a new EP out. Four tracks, ten minutes, $2+, with all profits going to GiveDirectly ( I think (tentatively) it's the best music I've ever done, so please give it a listen, and if you l…

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[Closed] Urban Jungle cameo commission?

As a supplement to that last round of commissions, I'm doing a couple of themed pieces for the upcoming Sanguine game Urban Jungle. This is an Exciting Thing :) It's set at the bitter end of the Jazz Age and the onset of the Great Depression; if you've a character who'd fit that milieu that you'd l…

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Opening for commissions

I’m temporarily opening for a few commissions: five slots, to be delivered by the end of September. (There might be more if I get through these unexpectedly quickly; otherwise, that’ll be it for this year.) The basic options, and guideline prices, are Pencil sketch: ~$20 Clear line inks with crossh…

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Potential visit to Canada and the US

My job came to an unacrimonious end last month, so I have time on my hands, and I’m thinking about visiting the US and Canada. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but have repeatedly put out of mind. I’d like to see places, meet people, understand the culture(s) better (ideally replacing…

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[Music] is/does archive blog: a tune a day

Now that Bumblr has fixed its audio widget, I can post this... For those of you (I've counted upwards of three!) that like my music, I've started a blog that posts one thing a day from my archives: 'Thing' being mini-tune, sound sketch, experiment or misc; anything…

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[Closed] Open for one commission (to start with)

Edit, 15:30 BST 2/8/14: now closed. Time to dip my toes... I’m going to take one (1) commission. There will be more in the near future, flakiness permitting, so don’t fret if you don’t get :) The format would be a full body pose of a single character, inked with flat greys or flat colours, plus one…

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Possible commissions, but what kind?

Since I have some time on my hands, I'm thinking of offering commissions in the near future - probably a limited number, and in a limited choice of styles. My question to you: what sort of thing - in terms of format, style and subject matter - would you buy from me if the price were right? My galle…

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Weasyl notifications bookmarklets, pt 2

As you'll have seen, the Weasyl team have introduced (rather elegant) bulk select controls for each section of the notifications screen. So three cheers for them :) This means that the notifications bookmarklets are now obsolete and deprecated. Please don't use them any longer. I can't guarantee th…

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30 today

So long, twenties. It was fun, sort of, and I'll miss you, a bit. For all that thirty is an arbitrary figure, it sort of ratifies the heightened sense of creative urgency I've felt recently. Ain't gonna have these brain cells much longer, better make things! And be serious about it: you're an adult…

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Weasyl notifications bookmarklets

I may as well put this out there: Weasyl notifications bookmarklets For anyone who's struggling with large volumes of notifications: the above link contains two sets of bookmarklets, to a) jump you to individual sections on the page, and b) select or deselect all notification checkboxes visible wit…

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TMI Tuesday

There's a nice phrase in the latest edition of the book magazine I take, that an author 'carried discretion far beyond the point of impenetrability'. I might not be that bad, but I'm diffident enough these days. And yet, I feel the urge to do this meme whenever I see it. So here goes. Anything you…