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Opening for commissions by moult

I’m temporarily opening for a few commissions: five slots, to be delivered by the end of September. (There might be more if I get through these unexpectedly quickly; otherwise, that’ll be it for this year.)

The basic options, and guideline prices, are

  • Pencil sketch: ~$20
  • Clear line inks with crosshatching: ~$50
  • Clear line inks with flat digital colour: ~$50

Those dollar figures are for a single character, depicted in one full-body pose plus a couple of busts. But you can scale that up (e.g. adding backgrounds, extra poses, extra characters, comic strips or pages) or down (e.g. to individual icons) as you wish, and I'll quote you a price reflecting the time and complexity involved.

(Also, sometimes a character give me an idea I can’t resist, and I'll propose something a little more tailored; but only at the same price, and with your approval.)

I reserve the right to decline commissions I don’t think I can do, but I waive the right to judge you for what you ask for, so please don’t be shy :)

Payment up front for sketches, and on approval of preliminary sketches for inked pieces. All payments should be made via PayPal (sorry).

Correspondence to, but you can register your interest at Weasyl, at FA, via Tumblr Ask or by email as you please. (Note that email isn’t my PayPal address; I’ll provide that when you need it.)


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Opening for commissions


25 August 2015 at 11:39:19 MDT

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    Aaaaaaaahhhhh fuuuuck I missed it :(

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      I can't promise, but I might get one or two more in if I get these done efficiently. Give me a week or so and I'll reassess...

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        Ok man, don't feel pressured tho, I don't wanna make you feel like you have to over commit :3

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    i love your work but i am so so poor ^.^;