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Weasyl notifications bookmarklets by moult

I may as well put this out there:

Weasyl notifications bookmarklets

For anyone who's struggling with large volumes of notifications: the above link contains two sets of bookmarklets, to a) jump you to individual sections on the page, and b) select or deselect all notification checkboxes visible within a single section (not the whole page).

A couple of disclaimers. I've tested against the current site in most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE8+), but I don't guarantee this will work in every device, browser or future Weasyl version. (I found that Weasyl doesn't always handle checkboxes correctly in IE8, so I would recommend not using IE8 if you can.) Please use with caution and discretion!

I should also make clear that this is not associated, affiliated with or supported by the good people of Weasyl in any way; and that it's not meant as a passive-aggressive criticism of Weasyl functionality. I like the simplicity of having one set of buttons myself, but I see that it won't do for power users. I also know that features take time to implement properly. So this is only a stop-gap.

Feedback would be appreciated. My main fear is that I've missed out a section, for lack of notifications.

Weasyl notifications bookmarklets


16 February 2014 at 05:53:39 MST

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