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30 today by moult

So long, twenties. It was fun, sort of, and I'll miss you, a bit.

For all that thirty is an arbitrary figure, it sort of ratifies the heightened sense of creative urgency I've felt recently. Ain't gonna have these brain cells much longer, better make things! And be serious about it: you're an adult now.

30 today


2 April 2014 at 02:39:09 MDT

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    Happy Birthday! :D

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      Thanks :)

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    Kids shakes head

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      I am too an adult! (Sulks.)

      Yeah, I know it's nothing to forty, or fifty, or etc.

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        Nah, chances are you'll feel like twenty for the rest of your life ( except your knees). It's also good to remember that experience and treachery will defeat youth and talent every time.

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          It could be much worse :) I'll work on my treachery...

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        Happy birthday, btw.

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    Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you :)

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    Wow, I could have sworn you were at least five years older than me, not practically the same age. I hear you on the creative urgency thing though. Struggling with an overflow of ideas at the moment, which you would think would actually be less stressful.

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      I talk mature but act childish :)

      Having more to do than you can do is as stressful if it's yourself demanding it as if it's someone else. At least you can choose to be a good boss to yourself, recognise your limits and prioritise.