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Caterwaul by moult



A game that I've been working on for a while, just released! It's a hybrid story/rhythm/puzzle game where you play a touring band of kitty musicians. It's free to play at

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    Cool game! I enjoyed the aesthetics and music, and the rhythm game was pretty creative. It was challenging without being unfair, I think my worst spot was a 63%.
    If I could give some criticisms about the gameplay, I would say:

    • it's most challenging at the very first formation, because you have to both parse the playfield and your objective at the same time. It might be nice to have a tiny bit of extra time to see the pieces before you reveal the target
    • This is more of a personal issue, but I found myself struggling with the up/down piece swapping controls. Logically I can understand "press up to get the piece that is displayed up" but intuitively for whatever reason I keep wanting to conceptualise it as a conveyor belt or rolling wheel of pieces, so pressing "up" would move the "belt" up and bring the bottom piece to the cursor. I'm sure it's something I could learn to adapt to, and I did get better, but yeah.

    really minor things anyway, nice work overall!

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      Thanks for the compliment and the good feedback :) If there's a v1.1 (and I can free up enough tokens), I'll try implementing a longer look-ahead and an 'invert controls' option.

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    Would playing a 100% perfect game keep the band together?

    I too find most of the difficulty is in the interface. I would prefer not to have to take my attention away from the circles of play to examine the little controls legend at all, which would be solved by making the currently active piece flash faster or ideally just constantly outlined or marked in some way.

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      I'm afraid the band eventually splits up whatever you do.

      At first it was supposed to be more of a simulation, modelling the band members' personalities and levels of wellbeing and letting you balance them by your choices. But after a week of failing to get my head around the mechanics, I went for a more linear Rise and Fall story. I hope it doesn't come across as too cynical.

      Outlining the current piece is a good idea.

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        wow that would have been really cool, maybe keep thinking about how that might work!

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          um, I didn't mean that what you have now isn't cool, i'm delighted by it.

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    just replayed this cause i'd forgotten about it and still dig it. hope to see more games from you sometime!