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Formerly drayanderika drayanderika.

That was a character account featuring a pair of twins, with both twins played by myself. I no longer roleplay as a pair of twins, so I thought it best to create a fresh account just for me. With that said, allow me to reintroduce myself:

My name is Erika Wemyss Fuzzbottom, and I am a pig!
I'm also permanently revisiting my childhood, at the age of 14. (I am an adult in real life.)

I'm a huge fan of transformation. My alt forms include raccoon-dragon and nidoran-dragon, but I am open to all sorts of TFs. (Personal favorite is body part TFs.)

I stream video games as a raccoon-dragon at [Twitch]! I enjoy a lot of different types of games, with particular interest in indie games, especially RPGs and platformers. All my streams eventually get divided up and posted at [YouTube].

And yes, my voice is male. Though my fursona is wholly female, I am transgendered in reality, and have struggled to feminize my voice. I try my best to make my streams/videos worth watching, regardless, but I know some folks might be put off by that. Regardless, I hope y'all respect my identity as a female.

She/her. =)

[Profile pic by Keronichi] at Fur Affinity.

Latest Journal

Random thoughts on being a pig.

I mentioned on the 9th that I decided to main a pig as my fursona. So far, I definitely don't regret that decision. But I also have no intention of giving up my raccoon-dragon or nidoran-dragon forms. I still love being those a lot (at least when I'm in the mood). And I'm definitely still being a raccoon-dragon in my gaming content. Partly because my non-furry viewers have enough trouble understanding why I'm an animal, much less so if I randomly decide to change species. Familiarity is also important. I don't want to confuse returning viewers whether I'm the same person or not. Speaking from experience.

I also still find it funny that I enjoy being a pig so much, when I previously wasn't a fan at all. And I finally remembered why I wasn't. There's various cartoons that either make them slobs, or villainize them. There's also plenty of stories in which being turned into a pig is a curse, the most infamous being the stories of Circe. And, they're farm animals. Livestock. Generally, being a pig just didn't sound fun.

So you may be wondering what changed my mind. Well, I had already been seeing farm animals in the furry fandom. They seemed an unusual choice to be, but interesting for their uniqueness. Then I came across [Leo_Pig], who was offering to draw art. I liked how he drew pigs, so I asked to be drawn as one. [This image happened.] Turned out I make a pretty dang cute pig. And the idea stuck with me. Then finally, I got to be one [in Second Life], and loved it. (A similar situation resulted in my love for being a nidoran.)

I will say, having a pig fursona has had some interesting repurcussions in real life. Primarily with my eating habits. I've slowly been giving up pork. It's just weird to think of eating meat that is essentially made out of me, even if it's just for pretend. Granted, I'll still eat it if given to me. I'm not about to tell my family, "Don't make any more pork chops, I'm pretending to be a pig on the internet."

Whether I'll always main a pig, it's hard to say. I've already changed my fursona multiple times since joining this fandom. Having multiple forms also complicates things, because I don't want to have too many, and it also means having to decide which form takes priority on my profiles. How does one make a decision like that? In this case, I just happen to spend more time as a pig than anything else. But a part of me is concerned that my mood will shift, and I'll favor one of my other forms for a while. I don't really like going around and saying "Okay, I changed my mind again, now I'm this species, instead."

In the end, I guess all I can say is: I am me.

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