Formerly drayanderika drayanderika.

That was a character account featuring a pair of twins, with both twins played by myself. I no longer roleplay as a pair of twins, so I thought it best to create a fresh account just for me. With that said, allow me to reintroduce myself:

My name is Erika Wemyss Fuzzbottom, and I am a spotted skunk dragon!
I am also permanetly revisiting my childhood, at the age of 14. (I am an adult in real life.)

Why a teenaged spotted skunk dragon?

My dragon side comes from my first character, a green dragon with red hair. He had his own personality, and I wanted a fursona that represented me. In the process, I "inherited" a few of his draconic traits -- the red hair, a horn on the nose, dragon wings, and dragon feet.

I chose spotted skunk (formerly raccoon) because I love the exotic markings on them. Plus, they are a lot more zippy than striped skunks, even able to perform handstands and climb trees! And of course, I love the idea of having an actual for-real natural weapon under my tail (I chose not to have fire breath).

As for being a teenager, I wanted to revisit my childhood because, inwardly, I never grew up. Never wanted to. And I figure a young teen fits me the best, plus it allows me to take part in more mature discussions than I would if I were even younger.

PS: I am a huge fan of transformation. Feel free to turn me into other animals besides skunk.

Streams and let's plays!

Yes, I stream video games at Twitch! I enjoy a lot of different types of games, with particular interest in indie games, especially RPGs and platformers. All my streams eventually get divided up and posted at YouTube.

And yes, my voice is male. Though my fursona is wholly female, I am transgendered in reality, and have struggled to feminize my voice. I try my best to make my streams/videos worth watching, regardless, but I know some folks might be put off by that. Regardless, I hope y'all respect my identity as a female.

She/her. =)


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