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Hey there, we are Draygone and Erika, and we are dracoon twins! Mom's a raccoon and dad's a dragon. We are 14 years old, and primarily like to play video games and go swimming. And we like trains. Can't forget trains. We also like using magic spells we find on the internet to change species. (You can find anything on the internet! =P) Our favorite transformations are skunks, taurs, mercoons, and nidorans (from Pokémon), with the end result usually keeping our dragon wings. Not very many transformation spells are made for dragon half-breeds, apparently. Makes gliding through the water as mercoons extra fun, though!

We each have our own [Twitter] [account]!
Current avatar by [Flurra] at FurAffinity.
Draygone can also be seen playing games at [Youtube] and [Twitch].

Free hugs if you're also a skunk! <3



Latest Journal

This is a journal.

Is there a real point to this journal? Not really. Mainly I just want to have a journal newer than last July. So let's see what I can come up with to fill up this entry.

Hm... animals we would like to be drawn as...
Skunks, nidorans, and maybe even otters. Because otters are cute and playful and so are we. ^_^
Also, it'd be cool to be taurs. Taurs are awesome. I don't care if they make no sense. =P
(Draygone adds: don't forget platypus!)

Oh, it's worth noting that I cleaned up our folders here a bit. Before we had a folder of me and Dray as kids, a folder of me and Dray as grownups, a folder of just me as a kid, a folder of just me as a grownup, a folder of just Dray as a kid, and a folder of just Dray as a grownup. How complicated! So now it's just me and Dray as kids, and me and Dray as grownups.

Of course, that's art done by other people, not us. Our art is in our own folders. Mine's kinda small, actually. I kinda want to attempt to get back into drawing, again. Got an image in mind of me and Dray having a snowball fight. Will I actually attempt to draw that? Probably not. Confidence issues and that sort of thing.

Speaking of art, was trying to hunt down freebies, again. Amazing how many people have a requirement that you must watch them, first. I instantly ignore those. How many people watching you are watching you simply because they had to in order to get free art? Your fanbase is fake! Actually, though, I'm tempted to play along with it. Watch them to get free art, and then unwatch them after free art happens. Seems mean, but hey, that's all you wanted me to watch you for was to get free art, right?

And finally, you should all go check out [Dray's Youtube channel], because he does video game streams. He's not great at them, but he's kinda interesting to watch. Does a lot of RPG Maker and Game Boy.

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    I know this is a bit late, but I just wanted to say thank you very much for the faves! I really appreciate them ^^ bunny hugs for you

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