Exotic Pet(s) Part 1 ~by @8000power by dray-and-erika

'Eittan's Exotic Pet Shop' lights up as it opens for the day.

A raccoon-dragon looks up at the sign. "Exotic pets, huh? Alright, I'm curious."

Nearby, a female version of the 'coon chimes in. "Hey, don't forget about your twin sister! I wanna come with."

Draygone and Erika grin to each other as they enter into the shop. The two of them stick side to side as they examine the different tanks, such as the one of axolotl. They debate with each other about getting one, or perhaps going for one of the jerboas. While walking down the treat isle, they both stop at the bin of dog bones. Erika chuckles as she lifts one of them up to look over; yet when the scent hits their noses they both can't help but start to chew on the bone, one head on either end.

Draygone growls, initiating a game of tug of war on instinct; although, neither of them can pull the bone away from the other because their bodies seem to be merging. The need to nab the bone keeps either of them from being able to pull away even when they fall to all fours. The growth of their muzzles into canid forms happens at the same rate that their wings shrivel away. Tails twist together, merging like clay into a singular scaled appendage. The rattle at the end of their serpentine tail shakes as they both continue to struggle for dominance over the bone.

A blue scaled hand snatches the bone from their mouths. "Naughty Orthrus" the blue cobra chastises, slipping a collar around Draygone's neck and then Erika's neck. Draygone whimpers as they are led on a leash to the kennels. After locking the cage the shop owner pulls a couple of dog treats out of his pocket and gives one to each of them.

Exotic Pet(s) Part 1 ~by @8000power


22 August 2017 at 16:36:01 MDT

* * * Original story by [@8000power] at Twitter, fave the original [here]. * * *

It's good to see family getting along so well.

As a big fan of transformation, I am happy to learn that #TFTuesday is a big thing at Twitter. A lot of little random transformation posts here and there, some transformation art, and transformation raffles like the one me and Erika have found ourselves a part of, today.

You see, every so often, @8000power provides a scenario for a transformation. A select few interested folks are then thrust into that scenario, transformed into a creature of @8000power's choosing.

When I hopped into the raffle, Erika saw and wanted to join in. Rather convenient that she did, because it gave @8000power a chance to transform us into a creature that benefits from a pair of twins. ^_^

That's exactly what I was hoping would happen! Me and Dray had only conjoined [once before], and transformations like this are pretty fun. The fact that we'd have no saying in our final form this time made it even more exciting!

By the way, we weren't the only ones to be transformed today by @8000power. And @8000power isn't the only person doing transformation raffles at Twitter, either!

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