Hello there! I'm Jouigi, and I like to draw fatties~ I draw other stuff too of course, so look out for anything that you may or may not like. ^^'

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Okay, so...Let's try again.

on 19 March 2017 at 11:32:04 MDT

I gave up on that art dump because almost nobody even cares that I have Weasyl anymore. And it sucks, because this is a pretty cool website. It's a nice change of pace from being so used to FA, I'd say. Speaking of which, I made a new account simply to change my username(because FA won't let you change the username on the single account, which is not supposed to be a problem on that site), and left the previous account for those who want to still fav my previous drawings. I'll be linking both accounts on my user page as well as uploading an update on characters and all of the artwork on my newer FA. So expect another art dump from moi.

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3-Page Comic Strip
$ 35.00
add  Extra Character
$ 10.00
add  Extra Page
$ 10.00

Reference Sheets

Base Sheet(front & back pose, 3 accessories, alternate expression)
$ 45.00
add  Extra Accessory
$ 8.00
add  Extra Pose
$ 10.00


Flat Color
$ 25.00
Soft Shading
$ 35.00
add  Detailed Background
$ 15.00
add  Extra Character
$ 10.00


$ 20.00
$ 15.00
add  Coloring
$ 5.00

-Send me a note if you're interested in a commission.

-Please give me as much detail as possible on what you want your commission to be, according to the prices set up. References are much appreciated. However, DON'T SEND ME ANYTHING NSWF.

-If you ask me to do something that I'm not comfortable with, I will let you know. Then you may have the chance to ask for something else that I can definitely work with.

I will provide you with the sketch of your commission thus far. If you want me to make any changes, please let me know before I start drawing in the lines. If you're satisfied with the background sketch, I will send you a link to my PayPal so that you may pay for it in the exact amount.

-There are no set deadlines on my commissions. But you may ask me for one, then you shall give me up to a month. However, if there's a rush, you can talk to me about a shorter deadline, 3 days being the minimum. I'm willing to arrange it, depending on if I'm not busy with school, homework, special events, church, etc.

-Your commission will be given to you as a dropbox link via notes before I post it. You're allowed to upload the said commission on your account. Just please give credit to me for drawing it. DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE.

-If by any chance you want to cancel the commission, let me know and I'll understand. A full refund will be given to you. However, if I've fully completed the commission, then it'll be too late. So act fast.

-If I happen to be drawing your commission during my streams, attending them would help but it's not necessary. If you do attend, the rules still apply and you must stay for at least when I'm finished with your commission. If it's an emergency and you're not able to stay the entire time, that's fine.

Normal Art, Fat furs, Inflation, Vore, Baby Furs/Diapers, Transformation, Macro/Micro, and Hypnosis

Blood/Gore, Water Sports, Major Bondage, Muscles, Sexualized Pregnancy, Oversized Breasts, Butts, Private Parts, NSFW

Note: There will be changes to these from time to time, so make sure to always check here in case I've added something. I wish to make it as fair as possible for you folks.


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