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Hi! I do a bunch of things. Illustration, animation (primarily motion graphics and effects), video, music from time to time. My updates are a little irregular, but I do hope you stick around!

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Belated updates are my specialty


First things first: If you didn't already notice, I've undergone a slight branding update. "CHICAGO-lollie" is no more, "Lollie" is the new name (or "HeyItsLollie" where "Lollie" wasn't available).

Earlier this year (pre-rebrand), I released an hour-long mixtape/mixset of music that has inspired me in some shape or form. I can't lie, half of it is basically Daft Punk. It's available here: Loves+Inspirations

I've been working on a story project for the better part of the year, and recently decided to turn it into a short narrative game. So, I also have a game-dev Twitter: @BeastmanRhythm

If you're interested in daily proof of my prolonged existence, I have a regular Twitter: @Hey_Its_Lollie

That's the haps!!

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