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illustrator, musician, designer, crafter, and more!
BA in Liberal Arts
I draw monsters.

I also write, compose, and perform. I have a couple stories with non-furry characters, but heck the furry fandom is pretty cool and I love cartoon animals no matter what.

I use traditional and digital methods. medium toothed paper on acid free paper is my most comfortable, although Bristol board is very nice. graphite, 4H is good for sketching but 4B is where I like to go for deeper value drawings and render concepts. digitally i use an iPad Pro with Pencil, a 2015 Mac desktop computer, Yiynova tablet, Hydra keypad, and various other input. and that's visual art, music and dance will probably get their own posts as time goes.

art hits all subjects and you will get a heads-up for anything extreme (a content warning and thumbnail or link visual barrier). weird and gross are a part of life. offensive and irreverent can exist in proper measurement, with proper curation. extremism and prejudice have no place here.


some people I do not remember meeting or talking to have been coming up to me as if I know them. maybe you have me confused with a Leachy? in the PNW, this person is not me. i do not know their past, but I have seen them around. my character is named Budu, my internet handle has been LycheeDragon, Lychee, _lycheemonster, Lycheemonster, and so on. I keep track of who I talk to around the place since I have a bad name-face memory.



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    While the chars in my gallery are my ideas, the art is not, be sure to give to real artists a watch either here or maybe FA. Still thanks for the watch i appreciate if people like what chars i come up with :D

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      ahh! well then you curate a very nice taste with well done artwork :D

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