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Belated updates are my specialty

Hi! First things first: If you didn't already notice, I've undergone a slight branding update. "CHICAGO-lollie" is no more, "Lollie" is the new name (or "HeyItsLollie" where "Lollie" wasn't available). Earlier this year (pre-rebrand), I released an hour-long mixtape/mixset of music that has inspire…

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Whoops, journal update! Here's what's going on

I haven't updated my journal in over a year, lemme fix that. So! I'm making an effort to shift my focus back onto visual art. It's been a long time since I've actually made illustration a primary focus, and it feels like I should've done this a long time ago. I'm also rusty as hell, so I'll have to…

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Hello to newcomers and familiar faces! (heads-up info)

Hello to everyone following me here! I'm seeing a good number of familiar faces, and a bunch of new faces as well. I'm assuming that Fur Affinity's recent failings have had a part in this. (If so: You made the right decision.) Full disclosure: I'm fairly quiet on the submission side at this point i…