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the dreaded patreon post

on 29 June 2015 at 09:14:40 MDT


it's finally here.........

as it says, I'm really bad with bringing myself to post and update and stuff -- I often feel what I've made isn't "good enough", and it's a bother to update all these different sites -- so a single, solid, weekly reminder to give a limited audience whatever I have would be very helpful. not that I wouldn't update here anymore, though I can't say the same about FA... 👀

it's worth noting Y!W! is my porms pseudonym, and I will be posting a lot of embarrassing things there, so I figured it would be more suitable than cisqur/cisq/cisqy/etc (which I don't care to associate with embarrassing things).

also, because the whole university thing is really happening after all, I don't think I'd have time for anything other than doodlys and whatever project the majority chose. (the long gaps between project updates are also because of the whole university thing...I can see myself being strangled between normal updates, school, and the project otherwise.......) so this really just seems like the best option for me putting my art out there right now. also, I'd been really really wanting to quest/comic for awhile now but had no time nor incentive. win win.

anywho, I'm looking forward to a small network of folks I can share more private things with. that's cool. (and maybe a little idealistic.)

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anything you want

just ask and I'll provide a quote!
$ 0.00


from $ 5.00
to $ 20.00
add  animated icon
$ 10.00

woodburning badges

reserve slots
$ 40.00

I also do "normal" commissions, but I don't like giving listed prices for those because they can vary so much. I don't like limiting myself. || If you'd like specific examples of each, please let me know. Most likely an example of each of these things can be found in the "commissions" folder. If I receive an order, I'll send you many work-in-progress shots to make sure you're getting what you want. || Don't assume the minimum price is what you're paying, that's at my discretion depending on how complicated the project is.


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    woops looks like I just checked the friend requests and saw yours

    accepted but feel free to do as you wish

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    BLESS CLARK you are a perfect bird prince i am very glad to know you UuU smooch

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      there is so much love in this comment, gosh!! thank you for the very kind words and the smooch, I hope you you know I'm very glad we're frans too!!

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    Thanks for making MFF great. <3

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      wah! thank you for having your beautiful face there!! you are such a sweet and excellent consciousness and I hope we get to hang again soon!

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    I missed getting to see you at MFF, which stinks!! :[ I hope you're doing well though and I hope we get to hang out at the next con weh.

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      ahhh!! that whole con I kept missing people, it seemed really high traffic this year for some reason :( and then after the con I realized there were a bunch more folks I didn't get to see! I'm gonna make a point of it to see you next year though, I have a lovely suit now and you will get many wing hugs!!