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CISQ / Chicago

Looking at all the different brains.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes


Working on:

MFF 2014

Icon not by me, it usually cycles between various commissions/gifts. Right now the artist is rooibos



Latest Journal

I LIVE!!!!!!!!!! (active art twitter enclosed)

hey all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel weird about updating this space anymore, it just got stale, but now I have a real ass active ass place you can follow me and keep up with my stuff and it is HERE:

my other accounts and stuff also started feeling too high maintenance... so now I have ONE PLACE!!! for everything. if you don't have twitter that's ok you can bookmark it or whatever works for U

I've already been uploading some juicy art from the past 2+years so come feast your EYEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

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anything you want

just ask and I'll provide a quote!
$ 0.00


from $ 5.00
to $ 20.00
add  animated icon
$ 10.00

woodburning badges

reserve slots
$ 40.00

I also do "normal" commissions, but I don't like giving listed prices for those because they can vary so much. I don't like limiting myself. || If you'd like specific examples of each, please let me know. Most likely an example of each of these things can be found in the "commissions" folder. If I receive an order, I'll send you many work-in-progress shots to make sure you're getting what you want. || Don't assume the minimum price is what you're paying, that's at my discretion depending on how complicated the project is.


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    woops looks like I just checked the friend requests and saw yours

    accepted but feel free to do as you wish

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    BLESS CLARK you are a perfect bird prince i am very glad to know you UuU smooch

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      there is so much love in this comment, gosh!! thank you for the very kind words and the smooch, I hope you you know I'm very glad we're frans too!!

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    Thanks for making MFF great. <3

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      wah! thank you for having your beautiful face there!! you are such a sweet and excellent consciousness and I hope we get to hang again soon!

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    I missed getting to see you at MFF, which stinks!! :[ I hope you're doing well though and I hope we get to hang out at the next con weh.

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      ahhh!! that whole con I kept missing people, it seemed really high traffic this year for some reason :( and then after the con I realized there were a bunch more folks I didn't get to see! I'm gonna make a point of it to see you next year though, I have a lovely suit now and you will get many wing hugs!!