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Happy Mother's Day by Rackiera

Happy Mother's Day


A gift for my mom for mother's day! I got it printed out and framed to give to her. I'm super excited <3

The big blue dragon is supposed to be my dad, the purple is my mom, the deeper violet-purple is my sister, and I'm the teeny tiny Rackiera on my dad's paws. I tried to base their designs off of their real life selves and personalities - my mom is the kind of person who likes going out and getting her nails and hair done, so I gave her frills and spots so she's a little more elegant looking. Her favorite color's purple so that's where that came from.

My dad is a physical guy who works outdoors a lot, loves fishing, builds stuff with his hands, and used to be a hunter, so I gave him some spines and stripes to contrast my mom.

My sister is a bit of a mix of my mom and dad, but she's more like my mom - loves going out shopping, picking out clothes, social butterfly, all that jazz. But she's still got some of my dad in her in that she loves nature, fishing, and animals, so her design leans towards my mom's in 'elegance' but has elements of my dad's (stripes and a blue tinge).

Then of course there's Rackiera, me, and I'm always told I look like my dad so it kind of worked out haha. I'm way closer to my dad as well in terms of interests, so I tossed mini-Rackiera on his feet.

Lots of symbolism for a little chibi drawing lmao. And one last thing! All the dragons here are supposed to be Aezkul from Threa since Rackiera herself is one. Was fun trying to make a little chibi family.

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