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Big Commission Hiatus/ Some Thoughts

on 5 April 2019 at 14:41:30 MDT

tl;dr - No commissions for the foreseeable future as I focus on improving. Don't want anyone to get their hopes up.

Yes, I'm sorry to say that after this round of commissions I won't be opening again for some time. I'd like to explain why and get some personal feelings out as well though I'm sure only ¼ of you will care to read.

I take commission requests to show appreciation for the people who like my work. It's beyond flattering that anyone thinks anything of my hack jobs so I like to 'give back' that way. I don't need the money, I don't need the promotion. I do it for the fans. That said the reason I draw in general is to improve. And it's occurred to me only recently (I am not a clever man) that commissions are a big distraction.

I have sky-high ambitions for my art skills but I also work full-time. My idols are thousands of hours ahead of me in experience. Spending my precious few weeknight hours working on commissions is just not productive. I.E: I don't think commissions are effective practice because of the constraints involved. In order to improve I need to follow my creative whims while working toward my goals.

In this down time I MIGHT accept a personal commission request for a friend or if the pitch strikes me. Please don't take this as a green flag to buddy up to me insincerely for a commission. I will notice and cold shoulder you hard. It would have to be an organic thing with people I know/ trust. Maybe trades and collabs along similar lines. In any case if/ when I open again the process and prices might look very different. We'll see.

Finally, something's been bothering me lately. Have I screwed myself over by starting out with drawing perverted stuff? Like would it be possible for me to get any decent jobs with a back catalogue like mine? This week I've been really inspired by El Ranno's character designs in Lovers of Aether. Making visual novel sprites like that might be something I want to do someday, but would my kinky past haunt me? I guess I'd need to use a different name and make a clean portfolio at the very least, but even then wouldn't some clients notice that the art styles are the same and have a problem with it?  I know artists like Bose-senpai take on legitimate art contracts in spite of drawing fetish stuff on here. I feel like I've built up a big closet full of skeletons.

Thanks for reading,
~ Roy

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