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About Me:

Hi, I'm Umbra! Here's a little basic info about myself.

I am currently attending college, recently transferred out of community college. I'm trying to major in Biology or Zoology (If they'll let me change my major anytime soon...)

I like videogames, although I don't play them very often. I'm a fan of Metal Gear Solid, but I haven't played Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes or MGSV yet, so no spoilers, please. My favorite of the series is Metal Gear Solid 3. (I also really like Rising.)
Other games I like include The Sims, Street Fighter, Guitar Hero, Pokemon, and Skullgirls.

I enjoy learning about and observing animals, especially in their natural environments. I think my favorite animals to observe are birds, so full of life and energy. My favorite animals in general are snakes, ocelots, and various birds. My favorite types of birds are pigeons and hummingbirds.

I can be a little shy/introverted at times, so apologies if I reply slowly to comments. I have difficulty wording responses sometimes. I am still trying to get better at forming replies quickly. Please know that I always appreciate faves and comments, even if I don't always reply!

Art Stuff:

Drawing is the main thing I do, art-wise. I like to sketch traditionally, and ink and color digitally. I need to work on the inverse, though (traditional coloring and digital sketching).

My first love is drawing, but I enjoy sculpting and sewing as well. I hope to add plush toys and sculptures to my gallery someday. I also love costumes, and want to try my hand at sewing my own costumes, both cosplays and fursuits.

Right now most of my gallery is furry/anthro art, but I have human characters as well that I'd like to submit here. I also want to try drawing some fanart from time to time. I hope to have some more things to show here soon!

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Latest Journal

Apologies for the inactivity.

Just another little update from me... I should write journals more often. :b
I know I haven't been updating my page much lately, nor have I responded to many comments... October was a pretty busy month for me, mostly due to the large amount of birthdays my family has that month. Lots of birthdays mean lots of parties, and setting up for my dad's 50th was quite an effort this year! Because of all that, I haven't had much time to work on art things, although I have completed a few pieces for a trade as well as a couple of requests, which I'll be posting later this month (hopefully very soon).

As for my lateness in replying to comments, I really have no excuse, and for that I'm sorry. :c I will try to respond to future comments in a more timely manner.
(I'm not sure if it would be weird to start replying to months-old comments or not, though... That always feels awkward to me, which is why I'd like to prevent this same situation from happening again.)

Anyways, now that the October birthday busyness is over, I'm hoping to have a little more free time to work on art things. I have a trade piece and a request piece to work on, and then I'll probably be back to doing some art for myself again.

On a final note, I'm pleased to see a few new followers on my list! Thank you all for watching my gallery, and I hope to have some new things up soon!

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    Thanks so much for following me!

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      Oh cool, that came out great! I love it, thank you. :D
      Would you mind sending me a collection offer, please? I'd like to add it to my collections. X3

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    Hey you. Yeah, hang around here sometimes. How've you been?

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      I've been alright, thanks. Just migrating my art from FA to here (after all this time), as well as working on some new stuff to submit. Other than art stuff, I've just had school... So same-old, same-old. But I'm on break now, so I can work on ART! I got a new tablet for digital stuff earlier this year, it's pretty fun.
      And how are things going for you?